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GRuB Soiree at the Schmidt

The nice folks at GRuB (Garden-Raised Bounty) asked if I would support their annual auction with a donation.  Since our family had been a previous recipient of their free raised bed garden, I offered up a Party Extraordinaire on the condition that I could attend the Soiree at the Schmidt with my partner, Honey.

GRuB wisely bundled our services with cupcakes from She & She Gluten Free!

It gave me the chance to rewrite the verbage about the party for Auctioneer, Joe Hyer.

“an extraordinary and unhurried visit by Jusby the Clown AND his lovely assistant, Honey, as your surprise guests performing their amusing brand of edu-tainment for you at the conclusion of which, multiple guests may get a PIE-IN-THE-FACE!
Jusby & Honey will spend 75 minutes at your event facilitating pies, transformations, & guided laughter.  You get to help plan the proportion of each.
Would you prefer to laugh until you can’t stop?
Would you like each of your guests to have a painted face, a tattooed arm, or a balloon creation?
Would you choose to host the next record-breaking pie-in-the-face party?
At any rate, you are bidding on Safe, Appropriate, and Profoundly Memorable Surprises with Jusby the Clown & Comedy Consultant.”

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Halloween House, Dress Rehearsal pt. 2

At half past seven (or quarter ’til eight) Jusby made his appearance as the clown referee/ tour guide for the Tumwater Halloween House.  New props and new actors had been added, but the main difference in Friday’s performance was the intense wind and rain.  Although it was relatively dry within the black plastic maze, the doors and edges kept getting blown open, and I still had to guide people to and from the rainy open yard areas.

I brought along my music, and that added a nice texture to counterpoint the people screaming and growling and crying.

Here’s a few of my co-conspirators.  This guy hung out with a baseball bat in “the Head Shop”.


This gal spent some time dancing in the Clown Club.


And this guy is gonna owe me some Major Goop & Candy!


But he’s got a lot of work tomorrow before the reopening.  Some of the fog machines died, and a giant tree limb cracked and was hanging precariously over the yard.  And probably lots more stuff I shouldn’t worry about.

I’ll be loading up the Clown Club with scary balloon dogs… and hopefully another gifted clown or two!

After all, the whole thing benefits the Thurston County Food bank.  I have benefited from the Food Bank in the past.

More McLane pics pt. 2

Thanks to Teacher Hollie for these.  Again, this was a Deluxe Visit Donation to the McLane Elementary Community to honor their 125th birthday (as an institution, not necessarily at that address or in that physical building!).


Crashing into the assembly at the bitter end to help sing Happy Birthday.


Balancing “Snowball” the white pie-rat on the medium stick


One balloon dog for 50+ kids to share!  They never guessed I would talk about ancient animal sacrifice!

Here’s one more (from Jen Flo of the PTSO).


That’s Old Man McLane who started this whole deal!

[Still looking for another batch of pics from Teacher Julie…]

Best Of 2008

Upgraded mp3 storage, courtesy Bibi Betsy: orionlaughalmost5months(10 seconds)

markpied2 jusbythemom clc_0237sm oriondiving justinwstevemclellen orionpiedtrishwnose

jusbyandextremo sherwoodbeachsm jusbywclowngirlsm brycesandmanjusby kagami2 tomppied trsihaliceandjeaninetree halloweenhouse08 jusbywsanta jusbywprincipalh

Protected: 5th graders talk back to clown

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McLane’s 125th birthday


In front of the mosaic by the office. Note the dollar store birthday hat.


With Principal Harrison (in period clothing) at the GRIN assembly. Note Jusby’s plug in the background on the left. I made a transparency that morning while waiting to go on and slyly slipped it to the overhead operator after everyone sang Happy Birthday to the school.


Rehearsing chair balancing in C-1, my very own room for the day (although the autism kindergarten used it for recesses). I hung butcher paper from the ceiling tiles. I love how the little furniture adds to the spatial distortion ordinarily accompanying clowns.


Jusby posing with “Red” (Joan Moore, 3rd grade teacher). Her shtick was spending 45 minutes transforming from a teacher to a white face clown.

Mine was lessons in juggling, balancing, guided laughter, and storytelling.

See also>


Eight Pied Faces and Signing Santa

Our pal, Rainshine, helps coordinate the Signing Santa program.  Every year he’s been mentioning it to the Red Nose Brigade, and tonight I finally made it over to Mt. View Elementary.  I’m wearing my festive red sport coat, white frosted hair and some sound dampening headphones to empathize with the deaf and hearing impaired community.  Plus it eliminated the irritating sound of those police sirens as I sped 80 mph through a school zone (j/k!).


Aspen agreed to it before we even got through the door!


Darrin fell to peer pressure.  At least it broke the monotony of waiting in line!


Xitto started the ball really rolling!




Reagan surprised me by hanging around, getting comfortable and then finally giving the nod.


Gia also changed her mind after watching half a dozen others go through it!


Hyung joined the fun!


Min had to share the last towel with his brother.

Then we split with our pic of Signing Santa.


How sweet is that?  Orion, Santa, and Isaiah.  Somebody either needs new trousers or longer stockings!

Then we went to Dance Oly Dance!


A wonderful Friday night in Thurston county.

Pie-ing Robert of Karaoke-Oly


Robert just had a birthday and consented to a pie, live on TCTV’s Karaokeoly.  I had an unused Halloween pie in the freezer with fake blood and gummy worms.


Ewww…did someone put razor blades in that pie?

On the plus side, I’m wearing a hand-knit hat and scarf made by my sister, Betsy.

Also, here’s a flashback from the first episode of Karaokeoly in which director Tom Patten was the Patsy and Jusby also took one for the team.


Billie Jean keeps on singing.



Loving that Ramblin’ Rod jacket that evolved over 20 years until it got its moment!

Protected: Halloween Tea Party

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Dress Rehearsal

Jusby, Devilman, and Mike at the Halloween House on Thursday’s opening night/ dress rehearsal.

Jusby’s make-up is a new clown-lite variation. His Mad Hatter costume is missing the giant bow tie. He’s wearing a short sleeve button up over an Evergreen sweatshirt. Not pictured: Jusby’s polypropylene long underwear and the teacup full of bloody sugar cubes.

The music definitely helped. The playlist included:

Arrington de Dionyso “Breath of Fire”

the Januaries “Love Met the Devil”

Magnetic Fields “Save a Secret for the Moon”

Devics “Ghost”

the Knurlings “Cemetary Stomp”

Harvey Danger “Authenticity”

Hamlet Machine and Sponge “Spirit”

Mary Water “Headless Horseman”

Shocore “Bone Cracker”

Dennis Driscoll “Maureen Halloween”

the Actual Tigers “Standing By”

the Shaggs “It’s Halloween”

the Rondells “TV Zombie”

Diamanda Galas “I Put a Spell on You”

Joey Ramone “Spirit in my House”

Reverend Horton Heat “Halloween Dance”

and lots more! from the Dance O’ Dance mp3 archives.

I anticipate spending the majority of Halloween evening working the crowd from the front yard all the way to “the frightening Egress!” I’ll arrive at approximately 6:30 and depart at 10. Love to see you there!

Tumwater Halloween House

I’m Plotting How to Integrate Jusby the Mad (Clown) Hatter into the Tumwater Halloween House 2008.  {Current scheme involves LASERS, Flares, Wireless Sound System}

REPOST from myspace

Most of you probably know by now that I (Mike of Eastside Big Tom’s) put on a little fundraiser each year in my yard for the Thurston County Food Bank.

It’s kind of Halloween themed.

This is the tenth year I’ve decorated and invited the general public into my little nightmare of a brain brought to life in my yard.

There’s a lot of construction going on in my neighborhood this year and I could use a little help getting the word out that we’re open this year.

Folks seem to think the road is closed or something. I’m not sure why that is.

Anyways, you can come through the cemetery if you think those pesky road closed signs are for real. No one has enforced them since the project started so it’s hard to imagine they’ll start now.

Park in the cemetery. Everyone does it this time of the year. The Masons are the coolest neighbors in the world. OK, it’s a toss up between them and all the dead folks.

Bring cans of food for the Food Bank. Bring lots, it’s been a rough year for the food bank and they and the people they serve can use the help.

Bring donations for the Other Bank while you’re at it.

Bring $5.00 or five cans of food and enter in a raffle to win one of the select props that I’ll be giving away this year. I’ve given away quite a few displays over the years.

The address is 520 NORTH ST SE   across from cemetery and the Masonic Temple.

Short run time this year with Halloween falling on a Friday this year.

Thursday the 30,  Friday the 31st and Saturday, November 1st.

6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

The front yard will be mild and mostly alright for youngsters.

The back yard will cause what I so lovingly refer to as “pee-tastrophes” and may induce nightmares for those under the age of 10. I’ve decided that it’s not been hard core enough in the past so this year you’re all fair game.

You’ve been warned.

Now, back to business.

Since I had no idea for sure until the last week or so that I’d actually be able to open it to the public I’ve not gotten around to being the media whore that I normally am.

I’m asking for something that I don’t normally ask for.

Any chance all 562 of you can repost this for me so that we can actually get folks to come down the road and bring donations.

Now each and every one of you is going to think that the other one is going to do it for me and think you can slack off and not honor my request. Don’t fall into this trap.

Repost it pretty please. Repost it often. Repost it in community blogs that normally hate folks like me.

Any vegetarian/vegan boards that we can crash would be fantastic. I’m down with that.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and your help.


Pieing Zander the Great

I got invited to Terry Zander’s birthday celebration at Traditions Fair Trade Cafe last month.  He wrote:

Food & libations will be provided

You are requested to provide the music, jokes, stories, and ?

Money will be given away.

I offered him a pie-in-the-face, and he agreed. One one condition:

“I hope you could do the pie thing close to 8, so I have time to clean up whatever mess is made without disrupting the party” NO PROBLEM

Since he was providing food, he especially wanted to get firm RSVPs. In fact, he sent such a flurry of e-mails concerning the details that I completely mistook the urgency of the message and showed up on Sunday, August 31st instead of Sunday, September 21st!

It was a two-digit Sunday that ended in a one!

With Trish and Orion in tow, we pulled up to Traditions near 8 PM and found the doors locked and the lights off. I asked her, “Isn’t it the 21st? The International Day of Peace?” She said, “It’s the THIRTY-FIRST.”

“Oh, well, I guess we’re early. … By a month.”

Luckily, Tommy “Pizza T” McKaughan was having his birthday party that night. I’ve already posted that picture.

By the time Terry’s actual party rolled around, Trish and Orion had made other plans. It was Gavin’s 5th birthday (at a bowling alley), and Trish had her GRE study class.

I got a ride from Tony, one of Terry’s son from Kelso. He’s a server at Red Lobster. He drives a Red Truck.

Terry had assigned seats. I sat down and opened up my face paints. My first customer was Kallie. Then she played a great set before leaving to play with her band Deaf Lester at Plenty. (Food and all that)

Kallie of Deaf Lester

When it looked light the night was coming to a close I ran up and did a short act that included Indonesian cultural heritage material.

  • Snowball the Spinning Pie-Rat
  • Orangutan not Orangutang [The first means person of the forest, the second means person in debt!]
  • Boleh Saya Minta Tolong Pinjam Sedikit Uang (May I Ask a Favor to Borrow a Little Money?)
  • Juggling No Small Change Coins
  • Flipping Fans [I did double flips as well (two hands simultaneously flipping)!]
  • Juggling Fire

As I was introducing the idea of the pie as innocence, a blank slate, new beginning, etc. I was gesturing with the empty pie shell out the windows, and my phone rang.

Without even pausing, I answered, “Oh, nothing much… I’m JUST IN THE MIDDLE OF MY ACT!”

It was Trish, parked across the street, directly where I’d been gesturing. Orion had fallen asleep in the car. I put her on the speaker-phone everyone in the audience could say HI.

Okay, okay, do the pie and come home, right. I exited, stage left and filled the shell with whipped topping.

Terry told a joke about a bible-salesman with a speech impediment, and then I let him have it.

terry zander pied by jusby the clown

Terry Zander and Jusby in Tyvek with Face Shield

Did he give away money?  He gave away Lotto tickets.  When those were gone, he gave out dollar bills.

I gave out $4 bills.

Pieing video from Super Sat

Thanks for e-mailing this phone camera video!

Audience support helps keep the media flowing.

Any photos or videos you send are good for discounts on future services.

Pizza T Pied

Happy 30th Birthday Pizza T!  The KFC was da Bomb!

Visit Z-Kamp at

Sandman Pied at ABC house show

Bryce Panic, Sandman, and Jusby the Clown

Spinning Pie Rat Meet Spinning Turntable

Sandman Pied after his set!

Beautiful Sets by Bryce and Nerviz Too. I went home with lots of CDs! and a Sandman pillowcase.

Also the ladies (and gent) from the Sandman Documentary were there! Check it out at

Sandman’s page is over at

Bryce can be found through this page at I hadn’t seen him in about 12 years! He raps in two languages!

Nevous can be found at I wanted his new CD, but he didn’t have any copies left!

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