Jusby the Clown will help you to analyze a problem situation and to create several humorous strategies for solving it or simply understanding it. Tools include: joke formulae, reductio ad absurdum, de gustibus non est disputandum, etcetera.

Then we do Laughter Yoga.

$100/hr (six minute minimum) Individuals, couples, or small groups: same price.

Pie in the face is extra.

What a session might look like:

  1. Warming Up with Laughter Yoga
  2. Discovering Your Basic Clown Type
  3. Magnetic Mirror Therapy (Video & Audio Feedback)
  4. Fuzzing Logic and Controlling Spin
  5. Experimenting with Joke Formulae
  6. Choosing Your Heroic Comedic Challenge
  7. Fractal Chain-Reaction, Exponential Novelty & the Plateau of Fun
  8. (360) 888-2729

    RCR w CCs

    Confidentiality, discretion, diplomacy, tact
    Exposé, rumor, scandal, wise-cracks

3 thoughts on “Humor-Empowerment

  1. Hello my amazing friend,

    What an excellent web page – what a great promotional idea. You have exceeded my expectations on your journey to remain viable and true to who you are. You are excellent. I pray that many blessings and resources come to you as you share yourself with the world. I have been laughing and enjoying all the blog on the fam’ Trish is an excellent wife and mother and Orion is so, so beautiful. I am happy knowing you are using your gifts, keeping your family intact and promoting joy. You are a renisance man and an inspiration to me. All my love, best wishes and joy to you this happy story season! Please do a loving act for Trish in my name and kiss that beautiful son for me. You, of course, are invited to visit anytime. I am still living in the same place with Alexandra and Jacqueline and working for the City of Shelton at the Fire Department. Peace and blessings to you. Roxanne

  2. howdy jusby,

    we’re related somehow. my mom’s dad is your grandfather’s brother-in-law or something?

    anyway, you’re awesome. i enjoy putting aside my own petty troubles and looking into your world here. yea, salsa’s really where its at.

    (sigh) i wish i was a clown. i do have red shoes. but am just a computer nerd. oh, and i rob banks.

    my moll is a pre-k to 5th grade art teacher at a public school. we have no kids. we just obsess over our cat. we live in new york (neither of us drive!)

    no real need to get back to me, just wanted to impart my heart-felt admiration.


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