Scary Clown

Clowns Can Be Scary

Each year during the month of October Jusby will be available to capitalize on the widespread fear of clowns as a professional addition to a Haunt.

Around Halloween I spend time working with the scary clown stereotype instead of against it.  I did three consecutive years at the Tumwater Halloween House. Here’s a testimonial from a mother:

Thanks a ton
My young daughter (Wren) really appreciated your guided tour of the haunted house. She knew from last year that you led the less-horrifying tours. She’s a spunky kid in real life, but doesn’t like the buckets-o-gore of this type of show. Her best friends insist they absolutely looooove it, and torment her if she doesn’t go with them on the tour. So she has to go, even though she really doesn’t like it.

This year she sought you out discreetly (for a 10 year old) and attached herself to one of your tours. The un-clueful friends followed along behind her. They didn’t seem to notice EVEN THE TINIEST BIT that they’d missed the full-on horror treatment this year.  Afterwards, as the girls resumed trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, Wren dropped back from their pack to rave about what a big favor you were doing, how your abbreviated tour let her save face with her ghoul-tolerant friends for the first time, how smoothly you signaled the performers to let them know to hold back on the monstrousness… She went on for half a block, until her girlfriends interrupted us to tell me how SCARY the CLOWN GUIDE was.
Apparently you were terrifying. Congratulations. What a performance.

On the third year the owner, Mike Fritsch,  also accepted a pie-in-the-face, and I inaugurated a scarier look complete with prosthetic teeth.

In 2011, Jusby was part of an 11 night run as a scary clown in a Haunted Firehouse.

Jusby with the flaming pie

Fright Night at Eastside Big Tom’s

Jusby in the Haunted Fire House

Scary Dr. Jusby of the Youth Asylum taking a call from beyond

Tumwater Halloween House

Tumwater Halloween House with Mike and Honey

Jusby the Halloween Clown

Danger A Head

Jusby the scary green clown

Jusby The Wicked Whiz of the East

Tumwater Halloween House

Photobombed by Satan

Jusby gets a head of himself

Jusby gets a head of himself

In 2009 I participated in the Olympia Zombie Walk, pieing zombies and those about to turn.


On October 24th, 2014 I will be a part of the

Olymemes Zombie Family Fun Run!

benefiting City Gates Ministries and their plan to provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

Register here>



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