Study Clowning with Jusby for (Possible) College Credit (Pending Authorization and Approval by Faculty Sponsors)

A “First of May” internship can be written with formal academic requirements or pursued more informally. Each educational institution has their own process for approving internships.  Jusby has relevant reading and viewing materials for students at every level from the unschooled to the doctorate.

Jusby frequently has a pool of on-call assistants when a Clown Entourage is needed, and he is willing to host continuing education Salon style sharing with members of the Olympia Clown Collaborative.

“The most important lesson I learned from my clowning internship is the gravity of being vulnerable with an audience. You are present to have a heart-to-heart connection with individuals. This can be facilitated by improvising.

“I was introduced to the historically sacred role of clowns worldwide and their evolution to modern-day creatures, some of whom seem very removed from their original trickster counterparts and must make sacrifices to earn a living at their craft.” ~ Moona


Click to Read a pdf of the 2012 Case Study for “Moona Riella Encantadada” 2,791KB (6 pages)


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