Singing Telegrams

Jusby's Singing Telegram
Formal Jusby w/ Mother’s Day Telegram

Singing Telegram $100 (up to 20 minutes)

Jusby will arrive at private or public locations and sing to your loved one. He can bring balloons, confetti & a camera to document the occasion.
Songs include:

  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Happy Anniversary
  • For S/He’s a Jolly Good Fellow
  • There Was an Old Lady
  • This Old Man
  • Glad to Have a Friend Like You [from Free to Be… You and Me]
  • Royals
  • Nature Boy (There was a boy)
  • Young at Heart
  • the Lumberjack song
  • Does your chewing gum lose its flavor (on the bedpost overnight)?

Laugh-o-gram $100 (20 minutes)

A non-clown visit intended to bring spontaneous laughter and joy for a special occasion. I will show up and involve you and your guest of honor and all those around in waves of laughter… just because it feels good!

Laughter inducing songs can accompany and prompt us.

Songs include:

  • the Laughing Policeman
  • the Laughing Song (Mein Herr Marquis)
  • the Woody Woodpecker theme song
  • Kookaburra
  • I Love to Laugh (Mary Poppins Soundtrack)
Jusby's singing birthday telegram
Plain-faced Jusby wishes a happy 50th in Burien

Customization of songs/ MP3 lip synching welcome
Clown / Costumed Character variations:

  • Doctor (Surgical Scrubs, Lab Coat & Clipboard)
  • Mad Scientist (Plaid pants, Lab Coat & Clipboard)
  • Train Engineer (Overalls, Engineer Hat)
  • Farmer (Overalls)
  • Formal (White Tux & Tails w/ Top Hat)
  • Lifeguard (Swimsuit [trunks or speedo], Goggles, Swimming Cap, Lifeguard Pouch)
  • Referee (Striped Referee Jersey, Whistle)
  • Chef (Apron, Chef Hat, Pie in the Face optional)
  • Secret Agent (Business Suit, Vest, Fedora)
  • Businessman/ Lawyer (Business Suit, Briefcase)
  • Zoologist (with Stuffed Animals)
  • Graduate (Mortar Board & Gown)
  • Winter weather (Blue & White, or Red & Green)
  • Easter (White Suit, Rabbit Ears)
  • Patriotic (Red, White & Blue)
  • Bridesmaid (Dress, Wig)
  • Military (Olive Drab)
  • Indonesian (Batik, Keris)
  • All Purple

Adult themes and material ~ Even grown-ups want to laugh, so Jusby has material that is intended for an audience that is over 18 years old.  Suited for bachelorette parties, retirement parties, 21st birthdays, etc.

Jusby's singing telegram
Jusby (Red Skelton style) sings to Jennifer in Aberdeen

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A quality experience at whatever level you can afford

All Services Require a 50% Deposit [cash, check or CC via PayPal]

[prices based on events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area, additional fee for traveling outside of Thurston county]

We are engaging with clowning as our Right Livelihood.  We would prefer to provide services to those who can afford the asking rate, but we will not deny the needy and the appreciative.

All reasonable barter and donation exchanges considered.

Ask for Military, Student, Senior, or Low-Income Discounts

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