Pie in the Face Delivery

Jusby’s speciality, Over 1000 Faces pied to date

Aboriginal clowns called it entering the Creamtime, in Old French the Tarte Blanche, ancient Romans had Cobbler Rasa. I say pie in the face!

Single Pie Delivery $100

Adult Themed Pie in the Face $150 (Consenting Faces Only, Spanking Optional)

  • Pie-in-the-faces now available in Plain, Chocolate, Strawberry, French Vanilla, Coconut, Organic and Dairy/Sugar Free.
  • Pies only delivered to willing faces, of course.

Bonnie never expected Jusby

“I’ll tell you one thing, the wife still talks about it. It’s right up there with the April Fool’s that I moved our entire apartment out and left a note on the door, leading her to think that we had been ripped off. She thought that she was in the clear because I was all the way in North Carolina. She tells anyone who mentions practical jokes and it’s a common story at most family gatherings. I’ll tell you it was worth the small output of money, because it has become a part of the family narrative, even the kids tell the story, and the video doesn’t even have to be shown anymore.” Pappa G

Flowers? Chocolates? Fancy Dinner?
NOT a romantic Surprise.
Let everyone else fight over the cheap roses.
Your surprise is going to make a romantic memory that will stick.
If you were going to buy your lady a facial, don’t send her to the spa with a gift certificate.
Admit that love is messy, passion is sticky, and life is sweet.
Send a pie-in-the-face, delivered by the award winning Jusby the Clown.
A hand delivered cream pie IS the new facial.
It’s edible. It’s incredible. Serves 2 (or more).
Give your lover “Sexy Pie Face.”
Who knows where things could go from there?
Jusby delivers the pie. The rest is up to you.


A quality experience at whatever level you can afford

All Services Require a 50% Deposit [cash, check or CC via PayPal]

[prices based on events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area, additional fee for traveling outside of Thurston county]

We are engaging with clowning as our Right Livelihood.  We would prefer to provide services to those who can afford the asking rate, but we will not deny the needy and the appreciative.

All reasonable barter and donation exchanges considered.

Ask for Military, Student, Senior, or Low-Income Discounts

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