Team Building


The  LEGO® group created the Simple Play® methodology in 1998 and made it open source in 2010. Here’s the official brochure.



There are three major components: Challenge, Build, and Reflect.

After an orientation to the process, the deeper benefits come from getting to challenges unique to your work environment/ culture/ tasks.

The only facility requirements are table and chairs.
Sample Workshop “Ducks & Towers” (5+ hrs with 8+ participants)

Session 1            (2:45)

Introductions, name, age and job title (10min)

Prepare the LEGO® (5min)

Reflect (5min)

Build a Duck (5min)

Explain your duck’s story (10min)

Build a Tower (5min)

Topple a neighbor’s tower (5min)

Reflect (5min)

Build a Tower, group (10min)

Reflect (5min)

Sort by color, alone or with a partner (5min)

Divide into 4s and point the directions (1s North, 2s South, 3s East, and 4s West) (5min)

Point the directions, eyes shut (5min)

Assemble and point the directions (5min)

Point the directions, eyes shut (5min)

Reflect (5min)

Sort by color, rainbow (5min)

Reflect (5mi)

Sort by size (5min)

Assemble by age (5min)

Assemble into concentric rings around the oldest person (5min)

Rotate (5min)

Sort by size, eyes closed (5min)

Sort by color, group (5min)

Assemble by direction (5min)

Assemble into concentric rings around the youngest person (5min)

Sort by size, group (5min)

Summary so Far (15min)


Meal Break (30min)



Session Two (2:20)

Sort into the four roles and their secret foils (15min)

  1. Sorter by color


  1. Sorter by size


  1. Builder


  1. Architect

Time Keeper

Reintroduce, name, role (5min)


Build a Duck

Planning (5min)

Build (15min)

Reflection (5min)

Rebuild the Tower without the secret foils

Planning (10min)

Build (15min)

Reflection (5min)


Rotate roles by negotiation (5min)


Build your work

Planning (5min)

Build (30min)

Reflection (10min)

Photos (5min)

Clean Up (10min)


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