Laughter Yoga

Experience the benefits of conscious and deliberate laughter. Choosing to laugh can be part of your disease prevention program. As it boosts morale and productivity it reduces stress and health costs. Laughter that reaches an aerobic level improves the mood and strengthens the immune system. Participate in low-impact laughing activities of structured socialization and positive behavior modification that you can use in your daily lives. I will coach you through easy to remember laughing and breathing exercises. This is a complimentary lifestyle medicine that will contribute to your physical wellness and emotional well-being throughout your life.

Laughter Yoga is a series of guided laughter exercises that involves group participation call and response of dozens of easily imitated laughter forms from the animal kingdom and pop culture.

Therapeutic Laughter Yoga is a highly contagious, safe, appropriate, and profoundly memorable healthy laughter.Jusby at World Laughter Day
Jusby at World Laughter Day

Laugh-o-gram $100 (20 minutes)

Intended to bring spontaneous laughter and joy for a special occasion. I will show up and involve you and your guest of honor and all those around in waves of laughter… just because it feels good!

Laughter inducing songs can accompany and prompt us.

Songs include:

  • the Laughing Policeman
  • the Laughing Song (Mein Herr Marquis)
  • the Woody Woodpecker theme song
  • Kookaburra
  • I Love to Laugh (Mary Poppins Soundtrack)

Weekly Therapeutic Laughter Yoga Sessions $50 (half hour)

Intended to build long-term health benefits from Therapeutic Laughter Yoga, each week repeats foundational exercises and adds a variety of new laughs

  • Any Age, (Under 10 with Adult Supervision), 3-30 Participants
  • Jusby can bring Accompanying Music & Sound system

Therapeutic Laughter Yoga Workshop $150 (1 hour)

Intended to provide a thorough grounding in theory and practice of Therapeutic Laughter Yoga, custom PowerPoint available

  • Any Age, (Under 10 with Adult Supervision), 5-500 Participants
  • Hand-outs available (print on demand)
  • Sound system required for groups over 50

Intermediate Therapeutic Laughter Yoga Workshop $300 (2 ½ hours)

Intended for motivated students seeking an in-depth and personalized experience of profound stress relief and increased communication skills

  • Any Age, (Under 10 with Adult Supervision), 5-25 Participants
  • Hand-outs provided
  • Jusby can bring Accompanying Music & Sound system


Justin led a 30 minute “Wellness Break” for our group of social workers. Since experiencing his Guided Laughter event, I have had MANY positive comments about his presentation. Everyone really liked that they could chose their own level of participation depending on their own preferences. It was unusual, fun but still a valuable learning experience for a group of people who’s job it is to make OTHERS feel better. Thank you Justin! ~ Trudy Soucoup, M.A.O.L.


Justin did an excellent job of showing us humor from the inside out, and the benefits of humor to healthy living. He was generous with his time and talents.

Patti Anne Logan, Volunteer Spina Bifida Association of Washington State


In a three week study, 200 call-center workers in Mumbai, India practiced Laughter Yoga.  They reduced their Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure about the same range that would be expected of starting a low-salt diet, losing 10 pounds or starting a blood pressure medication.

Research by Dr. Lee Burk of Loma Linda University found that even anticipating laughter has a physical reaction, lowering stress hormones Cortisol by 39% and Epinephrine (Adrenaline) by 70% and increasing Beta-Endorphins by 27% and Human Growth Hormone by 87%.

Jusby has brought Laughter Yoga presentations to: Community Youth Services, Evergreen Nursing and Rehab, the Elma School District, the Occupy Solidarity Social Forum, Panorama City, the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Unity of Centralia, and Capital Place Retirement Community among others.

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A quality experience at whatever level you can afford

All Services Require a 50% Deposit [cash, check or CC via PayPal]

[prices based on events in the Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater area, additional fee for traveling outside of Thurston county]

We are engaging with clowning as our Right Livelihood.  We would prefer to provide services to those who can afford the asking rate, but we will not deny the needy and the appreciative.

All reasonable barter and donation exchanges considered.

Ask for Military, Student, Senior, or Low-Income Discounts

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