Halloween House, Dress Rehearsal pt. 2

At half past seven (or quarter ’til eight) Jusby made his appearance as the clown referee/ tour guide for the Tumwater Halloween House.  New props and new actors had been added, but the main difference in Friday’s performance was the intense wind and rain.  Although it was relatively dry within the black plastic maze, the doors and edges kept getting blown open, and I still had to guide people to and from the rainy open yard areas.

I brought along my music, and that added a nice texture to counterpoint the people screaming and growling and crying.

Here’s a few of my co-conspirators.  This guy hung out with a baseball bat in “the Head Shop”.


This gal spent some time dancing in the Clown Club.


And this guy is gonna owe me some Major Goop & Candy!


But he’s got a lot of work tomorrow before the reopening.  Some of the fog machines died, and a giant tree limb cracked and was hanging precariously over the yard.  And probably lots more stuff I shouldn’t worry about.

I’ll be loading up the Clown Club with scary balloon dogs… and hopefully another gifted clown or two!

After all, the whole thing benefits the Thurston County Food bank.  I have benefited from the Food Bank in the past.

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