Pie-ing Robert of Karaoke-Oly


Robert just had a birthday and consented to a pie, live on TCTV’s Karaokeoly.  I had an unused Halloween pie in the freezer with fake blood and gummy worms.


Ewww…did someone put razor blades in that pie?

On the plus side, I’m wearing a hand-knit hat and scarf made by my sister, Betsy.

Also, here’s a flashback from the first episode of Karaokeoly in which director Tom Patten was the Patsy and Jusby also took one for the team.


Billie Jean keeps on singing.



Loving that Ramblin’ Rod jacket that evolved over 20 years until it got its moment!

2 thoughts on “Pie-ing Robert of Karaoke-Oly

  1. I saw you driving down Hawthorne today. I was in a rather down mood, and seeing the Never Never Van driving down the road with the monkey in the window got a definite smile and a laugh out of me. It brightened my day, so thank you for doing what you do! With times hard right now, people like you are more needed than ever. <3

  2. So Kewl! However, you saw my friend EXTREMO the Clown driving down Hawthorne (in Portland, Oregon), but I, Jusby the clown and comedy consultant, was driving down Harrison (in Olympia, Washington), and that monkey was my WIFE! Search for Extremo in the boxon the right and you’ll see the difference.
    I have all my teeth!

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