More McLane pics pt. 2

Thanks to Teacher Hollie for these.  Again, this was a Deluxe Visit Donation to the McLane Elementary Community to honor their 125th birthday (as an institution, not necessarily at that address or in that physical building!).


Crashing into the assembly at the bitter end to help sing Happy Birthday.


Balancing “Snowball” the white pie-rat on the medium stick


One balloon dog for 50+ kids to share!  They never guessed I would talk about ancient animal sacrifice!

Here’s one more (from Jen Flo of the PTSO).


That’s Old Man McLane who started this whole deal!

[Still looking for another batch of pics from Teacher Julie…]

1 thought on “More McLane pics pt. 2

  1. We enjoyed watching Jusby in our classroom! He was very entertaining, and he taught the kids a lot about clown history through humor. We enjoyed it!

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