Swag from Puck

I came home to a wonderful stuffed envelope full of swag from Puck in thanks for my appearance at the “Take a Bow Carnival”.

It included (in part) pencils, a ruler, stickers, keychains, bracelets, magnetic inspirational poetry, and a notepad all branded with pro-mentoring and/or anti-drug slogans.


Bunnies available from www.theteenline.org

It also included a testimonial:

“I’ve been a fan for a while, so I was thrilled when Jusby was able to stop by my event. Everyone loved him, they couldn’t stop talking about it.”

She also mentioned being devastated in a Stella Marrs “no pie?” way… and that got me to thinking that I should either give out the postcard with the kitten or design my own for those clients who opt out of the pie option.


For a $60 investment I could get a hundred of them…. OR I could reassess how I pitch the pie in the first place (and buy 60 pies).  For example, I think I should proceed with the assumption that when Jusby brings a pie SOMEONE WILL GET IT!

With a self-assured air, I need to simply put that whipped topping in the pan.  It’s a sure bet that someone will volunteer once I start asking.  With the addition of the mini pie tins I salvaged from the Big Lots Pecan Pies I can always start small and work my way up.  There’s a place for diplomacy, and there’s a place for pie-in-the-face.

Puck’s envelope did not include the spats, and I was devastated in a Scrooge McDuck kind of “I’m the SECOND richest duck!?” way.


Note the spats!


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