McLane’s 125th birthday


In front of the mosaic by the office. Note the dollar store birthday hat.


With Principal Harrison (in period clothing) at the GRIN assembly. Note Jusby’s plug in the background on the left. I made a transparency that morning while waiting to go on and slyly slipped it to the overhead operator after everyone sang Happy Birthday to the school.


Rehearsing chair balancing in C-1, my very own room for the day (although the autism kindergarten used it for recesses). I hung butcher paper from the ceiling tiles. I love how the little furniture adds to the spatial distortion ordinarily accompanying clowns.


Jusby posing with “Red” (Joan Moore, 3rd grade teacher). Her shtick was spending 45 minutes transforming from a teacher to a white face clown.

Mine was lessons in juggling, balancing, guided laughter, and storytelling.

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