Eight Pied Faces and Signing Santa

Our pal, Rainshine, helps coordinate the Signing Santa program.  Every year he’s been mentioning it to the Red Nose Brigade, and tonight I finally made it over to Mt. View Elementary.  I’m wearing my festive red sport coat, white frosted hair and some sound dampening headphones to empathize with the deaf and hearing impaired community.  Plus it eliminated the irritating sound of those police sirens as I sped 80 mph through a school zone (j/k!).


Aspen agreed to it before we even got through the door!


Darrin fell to peer pressure.  At least it broke the monotony of waiting in line!


Xitto started the ball really rolling!




Reagan surprised me by hanging around, getting comfortable and then finally giving the nod.


Gia also changed her mind after watching half a dozen others go through it!


Hyung joined the fun!


Min had to share the last towel with his brother.

Then we split with our pic of Signing Santa.


How sweet is that?  Orion, Santa, and Isaiah.  Somebody either needs new trousers or longer stockings!

Then we went to Dance Oly Dance!


A wonderful Friday night in Thurston county.

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