Micro-Business Showcase and Graduation


Waiting my  turn to give my 2 1/2 minute speech.  Note the very business-like suit I chose and Santa cap over top hat.


With my  fellow graduates: (L to R) Jennifer Irish (The Trinity Assignments), Barbara Burton (Alligator Spanish), Matthew Kreiling (Seat at the Table Writing), Vanessa Ruddy(Golden Phoenix Publishing), Kiri Painter (Mama Java), Marcy Deutsch (Critters on Things), Bob Scwenkler and Ross Cowman (Bicycle Records), Thea Davis (Green Sweep), Erin Genia (Genia Designs), Tamara Demetro (Evolving Nature), Peter and Kendra Mullins (Innuendo Printing and Design), Jusby (Clown and Comedy Consultant), Rhonda Grantham (Birth Dance Midwifery Care), and Shelly Bentley (Circle Hawk Farm).  Not pictured: Stephen James (The Living Reef).


One customer for a free kid size pie!  She kept reusing the pie too!  My display table on the right (note the rubber chicken and helmet I used as Grand Marshal.

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