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Block Party! YEF Stage

I recently jointed the Youth Enrichment Foundation as a Platinum Participating Merchant > You can now buy $100 gift checks through them toward my services.  They invited me out to their annual Block Party at the Hawk’s Prairie Home Depot Parking lot.  They had 60 vendors and shows every hour on the hour.  I took the 2 o’clock spot and also offered to improvise during set changes with some witty banter.  Since I was so close to breaking the 500th pie mark I played that up.

I reached the 500th pie by 12:45!

Kai Lyn got pied

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Clown campers, Smoothy, Memo & Checked the clowns showed up and helped with the show.  We did 15 minutes of Laughter Yoga and then they handled pieing another dozen faces .

the sprinkler laugh

I stuck around until after the Kids at Play set.  They had about 50 youth singing and dancing selections from Honk, the musical (based on Hans Christian Anderson’s “the Ugly Duckling”).  I got it into my head that I would try for a new record of faces pied ALL AT ONCE.  I figured that I’d get each kid to hold a mini-pie, and I could run down the line pieing them in a wave.

They had other plans…

complete chaos and mass hysteria!  They pied each other and then pied me! Oh, well.  It guess I had it coming.

Is it more fun to give than receive?

Share your opinion in the comments


Clown Camp Day 5 [Finale]

The Campers got their turn to be pied… and, of course, to pie Jusby!

Campers also had the chance to do their own make-up or have it done by a counselor.  Memo, Smoothy, and Monstro did their own; they’ve been trying different types of make-up each day in the same basic pattern.  Mini-Silly had her face done by Miss Kate.  Miss Kate did her own and created a new speaking clown, Curley.  I recreated Checked’s checker-board face using grease paint instead of water-based face paint.

We reviewed the skills by rotating at 1 minute intervals through 12 stations:

  • juggle balls
  • juggle rings
  • juggle scarves
  • balance stick/pole/club/etc.
  • unicycle
  • stilts
  • fans
  • balloons
  • parachute
  • laughter yoga – hula hoop
  • baton
  • devil sticks/ flower sticks

At 1pm we were joined by an Olympia Parks & Recreation Camp and put on a show for them.  We concluded by inviting counselors up to supervise several of the stations (stilts, hula hoop, parachute).  We replaced the unicycle with the wagon and miniature bicycle.

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The Olympian’s article:

Silliness wasn’t required – but it certainly was encouraged last week at one South Sound day camp.

Technically, there were only three rules at Clown Camp, according to instructor Justin “Jusby the Clown” Wright.

“Just be safe, just be supportive and just be challenged,” he said.


Clown Camp Day 4 [Slideshow & VLOG]

Guest counselors: Elliot (gibberish & laughter yoga) & Juliette (brain dance & balloon twisting)

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“Unexpectedly walking up on clown camp made three elderly ladies (91, 83, and 82) thrilled today….and I hope the kids could feel that joy. Thank you for sharing your happy campers!


Clown Camp Day 2 [Slideshow & VLOG]

Our five new clowns receive their first HUMONGOUS audience!

TWO other summer camps found out we were willing to give them a show and returned after an hour.

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Monstro, Smoothy, Checked, Memo & Mini-Silly

Clown Camp Day 1 [slideshow]


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Clown Camp, Day 1: balancing, juggling, impro, parachute games, laughter yoga, nose fittings! Campers were Safe, Supportive, & Challenged!

Meet the campers: Checked (7), Mini-Silly (10), Memo (11), Monstro (11), & Smoothy (11)

Day 3 (Wednesday July 27th) will be FREE & All-Ages!

Mini-Clown Camp Party Extraordinaire [w/Vlog]

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For Kai’s 11th birthday at the Circle Hawk Farm house on the 11th with approximately 11 guests…

a highly interactive mini-clown camp from 1 – 3 PM, a microcosm of the week-long camp in July: juggling/ object manipulation lesson, balloon twisting lesson, joke telling lesson, laughter yoga session w/ Trish & Orion, & pies in the faces…  in the theme of Lego Star Wars meets Old MacDonald.

For this party, I realized where the advice of other clowns was leading me astray from my natural instinct.  It’s been ‘common knowledge’ among party clowns that the clown’s role is over when the cake arrives.  No one wants to compete with the cake and presents.  I’ve been making my exit as mom takes over and everyone gets their sugar buzz on.

During the discussions with Kai’s mom, however, I followed my own inclination and offered:

  • Presenting the cake by Clowns!
  • Lighting the candles by Clowns!
  • Singing the birthday song by Clowns!
  • Slicing and serving the cake by Clowns!
  • Delivering the presents by Clowns!
  • Thanking the gift-givers by Clowns!

A comprehensive multi-hour, multi-clown party package that everyone would be sure to remember!

“I hired Justin to manage the entertainment at my son’s 11th birthday party. The entire class was invited, and I wasn’t sure how to keep a dozen pre-teenagers (boys and girls) adequately and appropriately entertained. The results were nothing short of spectacular. “Jusby” and his team of clowns engaged the kids by first leading them in an icebreaker Laughter Yoga session. He came prepared with lots of different activities, but the two that the kids went absolutely ga-ga over were the face painting and the pies. I’ve never seen kids line up so enthusiastically to get a pie in the face. Additionally, several of the parents opted to be pied as well. Everyone was laughing hysterically and very happy. As an added bonus, Jusby and his team handled the cake presentation and serving (clowns serving cake!) and the unwrapping of gifts (hilarious). BUT THAT’S NOT ALL – Jusby also provided me with beautiful online photos of the event (he’s a terrific photographer). Would I hire him again? In a New York minute. He will give you every dime’s worth of your money and then some. He’s also great with all ages, from little kids to adults. Highly recommend –

– Jennifer Waldref, Communications Specialist at Democratic Caucus/Washington State House of Representatives

National Train Day & Free Comics [vlog]

I just found out that Sprout made the paper on again on National Train Day!

Sprouts the Clown greets Nancy and Fredrick Gomes of Vancouver, B.C., as they arrive for a family visit at the Olympia-Lacey Centennial Station during National Train Day celebration on Saturday, May 7, 2011. Sprouts, played by Jenni Hatfield of Lacey, is a member of the Red Nose Brigade clown troupe. (Tony Overman/Staff Photographer)

Here’s the two of us getting almost all aboard!

There’s one guy who agreed to a pie!

Olympia Centennial Station

6600 Yelm Highway
Lacey, WA 98513Event Date: SATURDAY 5/7/2011

Start Time: 10:00 a.m.

End Time: 2:00 p.m.

Event Description: Celebrate National Train Day with the Centennial Station Committee! Bring the entire family to the ONLY train station in the Amtrak system staffed completely with volunteers and built with donated funds, materials and labor. Refreshments will be provided by Lacey Costco. Door prizes will be given away. Other activities include face painting and clowns, free stuff for the kids, and entertainment by the Dixieland band, DixieKats and the Olympia Bagpipers.”

When is MY train going to come in??

Then I took Orion out for Free Comic Book Day!

Soccer Pal Post Party Vlog

… waiting for stills from Party Mom cam…

[edit.. tracked down a few on facebook.  This mom said her son had taken a big, medium AND mini.

My son has won many a “7 year old one up” conversation with the zinger, “Well, have you ever taken a PIE IN THE FACE?” – Erica Van Lierop, Queen Beef at Van’s Burger

Lego Themed Party for 7 y/o Son of Mine

Here’s the artwork for Orion’s Birthday invitation.  Those are Lego 1xs (One By’s).  The bottom of the seven is a piece that represents scoops of ice cream.

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Lego Brick Cake from Cakeitecture.  She also makes Cake Pops (Frosted Doughnut Hole on a Stick) in the form of minifig heads.

Have to order these next time.

Parachute Fun

Birthday Boy gets the first pie in the face!

A Five Clown Party: Ridiculah, Honey, Sage, Jusby & Elliot!

Thank You created by Uncle Nick.

Guests also received a custom Lego Party Mix CD

Artist      –      Song  [Relevant Lego Theme]

  1. Daft Punk – Superheroes [Batman/ Spiderman]
  2. Bryce Panic – Hidden Track (Can I Kick It?) [Mystery Minifigs]
  3. Talking Heads – Papa Legba (Pops Staples Vocal) [Agents]
  4. Talking Heads – Stay Up Late [Classic]
  5. The Police – Demolition Man [Police]
  6. Cryoshell – Creeping In My Soul [Bionicle]
  7. John Williams – The Temple of Doom [Indiana Jones]
  8. Weird Al Yankovich – Star Wars – The Saga Begins [Star Wars]
  9. SWSFX – Ship – Flyby_17 [Star Wars]
  10. Andrew Zilch – Ewok Gospel [Star Wars]
  11. SWSFX – Force Lightning  [Star Wars]
  12. Star Wars the Musical – May the Force be with you [Star Wars]
  13. Jason Traeger – Love Faeries [Star Wars]
  14. SWSFX – Radio Chatter_1 [Star Wars]
  15. Mad Tea Party – Mad Watch [Belville]
  16. Harry Gregson – Williams – Ostrich Race [Prince of Persia]
  17. Sandman (the Rappin Cowboy) – Crazy Animals [Duplo]
  18. Gipsy Kings – You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Par Espagnol)  [Toy Story]
  19. Chuck Berry – Route 66 [Cars]
  20. Pink Martini – The Gardens of Sampson & Beasley [Town]
  21. Jethro Tull – Orion  [Space]
  22. Klaus Badelt – He’s A Pirate [Pirates of the Caribbean]
  23. Ministry of Magic – Marauder’s Map [Harry Potter]
  24. Ministry of Magic – Accio Love [Harry Potter]
  25. The Boyz Who Lived  – Wizard Rock [Harry Potter]


Orion dressed up as a magician to accompany me to the RCR Valentine’s photo shoot.

Rusty Cock Ridge… it’s sort of a salon.  It’s more than a studio and a boutique.  It’s a always cozy adventure.

Jusby’s new hair by Toni of Euphorium.

New fans from Grampa Dave & Grama Julie (via Amazon) to coordinate with the red & black color scheme and keep the Indonesian bamboo fans from further injury.


Treypacs BDAY

Before going to Treypac’s party, I consented to an interview with Reid.  He’s an Evergreen student doing a documentary on humor.  I also referred him to comedian, Jeff Black.


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Another opportunity for the clown’s son to demonstrate proper pie-getting form.
Hey, what happened to the money shot?!
Pied party goer.
The Brand New Jay Leno Sized Pie (Costco 12″ diameter) about to be inaugurated.
That’s the one!  Held 4 regular tubs of whipped cream.
The Birthday Boy!

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Some of the Memphis Transformations

Practicing face painting on our spontaneous vacation

[ ?posts_id=3995450&dest=-1]

Mixing up the Henna to practice the Mehndi hands and feet.

By request, a green spotless giraffe.

New Plain Red T-Shirt from a Memphis Walgreen’s outside Otherlands Coffee.

There’s the full effect with custom cut offs, pirate store socks, and only slightly too big Turf King garden slippers.

To Otherlands, You had me at FREE WI-FI !  And it’s lucky you were one block away from the scene of the scene.


On a tip from some pro-clowns, I started thinking about pitching my services to the Temple Beth Hatfiloh for their Purim Carnival.  Then an old-school friend, Ozi, asked me if I was going to do more pies at Arts Walk.  I told him that I didn’t make any money doing Arts Walk, but what I really wanted was to do pie-in-the-face at Purim and could he talk to the Rabbi.  He said, “He’s my dad.”

I know that.  That’s why I brought it up.

One thing led to another [#FCBK!], and the next thing I knew I had pied the Rabbi and received a check for “Ritual Expenses”.

Parked beside ‘Pin the Crown on Esther’

Starting off with a Mini.  Loved his outfit!  A loved one removed his yarmulke in time.

The Rabbi’s Son!  His second time!  The reason I got the gig!

Rabbi Goldstein is ready for his pie-in-the-face.

Um… he’s got to be praying here, right?

Then quiet reflection and ablutions.

Tibor has some nefarious intentions behind me!  Ain’t happening, mensch!

Accept the inevitable.

Like So!

He’s glimpsed the ineffable!

Orion begged for his chance to have another pie-in-the-face.

Uh-Oh!  The first kid seems insistent that I get pied too.  I usually brush this off right at the beginning when ppl don’t seem to understand the premise, but today I realized what the act had been missing all along.  Maybe it will always end this way…

All ready for it… I think Ozi should do the honors.

That’s how the pie goes round!

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