On a tip from some pro-clowns, I started thinking about pitching my services to the Temple Beth Hatfiloh for their Purim Carnival.  Then an old-school friend, Ozi, asked me if I was going to do more pies at Arts Walk.  I told him that I didn’t make any money doing Arts Walk, but what I really wanted was to do pie-in-the-face at Purim and could he talk to the Rabbi.  He said, “He’s my dad.”

I know that.  That’s why I brought it up.

One thing led to another [#FCBK!], and the next thing I knew I had pied the Rabbi and received a check for “Ritual Expenses”.

Parked beside ‘Pin the Crown on Esther’

Starting off with a Mini.  Loved his outfit!  A loved one removed his yarmulke in time.

The Rabbi’s Son!  His second time!  The reason I got the gig!

Rabbi Goldstein is ready for his pie-in-the-face.

Um… he’s got to be praying here, right?

Then quiet reflection and ablutions.

Tibor has some nefarious intentions behind me!  Ain’t happening, mensch!

Accept the inevitable.

Like So!

He’s glimpsed the ineffable!

Orion begged for his chance to have another pie-in-the-face.

Uh-Oh!  The first kid seems insistent that I get pied too.  I usually brush this off right at the beginning when ppl don’t seem to understand the premise, but today I realized what the act had been missing all along.  Maybe it will always end this way…

All ready for it… I think Ozi should do the honors.

That’s how the pie goes round!

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