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Go Seahawks Go!

A little video I helped with this week at the request of Alex “the Zaniac” Zerbe.

Supporting the 49ers is dangerous in a Seahawk town

Supporting the 49ers is dangerous in a Seahawk town


Leonard Nimoy’s 82nd Birthday

  • Leonard Simon Nimoy
  • Born: 26 March 1931
  • Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts


Never before seen follow-up from Book Contest

As the 6th month approached I realized that I had some hot gigs on the burner, so I put off my recap until after the April Fool’s service.  Then I waited until I had something to report about the Spring Break Clown Camp… Pretty soon it was Summer Clown Camp, and then it was National Clown Week.  That’s when I found out that all of her sites had been hacked and she was not able to do the follow-up article after all.

Now it’s been 14 months since the first article.  Here are the updates I was going to share with Becky Cortino.

In “Launch”, Michael Stelzner emphasized the power and necessity of collaboration, and his examples and suggestions helped me focus on a better collaboration strategy.  Per the suggestions in “Launch”, I have continued to seek out and involve Other Great People and “exchanging offerings” with them.  Notably, I actively recruited successful peers and industry experts to visit the local clown alley, the Red Nose Brigade.  I convinced Guinness World Record Winner, Alex “the Zaniac” Zerbe, to give a skill share workshop.  He later called me needing a pie-in-the-face consultation for a regional library promo video he was shooting.

Each year around Halloween I spend time working with the scary clown stereotype instead of against it.  I did three consecutive years at the Tumwater Halloween House.  On the third year the owner also accepted a pie-in-the-face, and I inaugurated a scarier look complete with prosthetic teeth.

In 2011, I negotiated with several non-profits for an 11 night run as a scary clown in a Haunted Firehouse.  In addition to cash and logo placement on the flier, one perk was a pair of season tickets to a local theater.

I sponsored a successful 10 week “First of May” internship with an Evergreen State College student, who studied clowning through a Marxist feminist lens.  This gave me a chance to reflect on suitable reading and viewing lists.  Books included: “Pie any means necessary” (the Biotic Baking Brigade), “Clown Girl” (Drake), and “the Death of Ben Linder” (Kruckewitt).  I shared videos ranging from Danny Kaye in “The Court Jester” to Chaplin’s “the Circus” to the inner city Krumpin’ Clowns of “Rize” and the spacey clowns of Cirque du Soleil.  She accompanied me on a variety of gigs: a parade, a birthday, a drive-by pieing, several workshops and spring break clown camp.  I introduced her to a half-dozen members of the local clown community, and she interviewed them for a wider perspective on the craft.

My Laughter Yoga practice has also grown beyond the free weekly club meeting at the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation (OUUC).  A PE teacher from Elma hired me to give a lecture-demo for her school’s staff meeting, and the Olympia Occupy Solidarity Social Forum invited me to give two workshops.

Since April Fool’s fell on a Sunday this year, I coordinated with the minister, worship arts committee, and eight clown confederates on a church service around the theme of “How Humor Serves the Soul”.  I led a Laughter Greeting & Laughter Meditation portion.

Several Sundays later I led a church service at the OUUC on the topic of “Laughter: opens minds, fills hearts, and transforms lives” partnered with another Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  We made the connection between the church’s mission statement and the use of laughter as a tool to achieve those goals.  After the service I was approached by a man from a smaller church to the south.  They don’t currently have a minister and they share the responsibility for a weekly message.  His official title may be President of the Board, but he was actually also a talent scout.  He offered to hire me to do a service for them.

I was the “2011 Best of Olympia” Staff Pick in Tacoma’s Weekly Volcano for “Best Pie (in the face)”.

I also got good publicity by offering a free class in “Esoteric Red Nose Clowning” at Waves, a local dance studio, as part of their Community Event Nights.  A reporter from Olympia Power & Light attended, and his article made the front page.

I hosted a spring and a summer Clown Camp.  I taught a total of eleven students, and I was able to bring in five additional part-time counselors.  The larger success, however, wasn’t the number of students who actually enrolled, but the scope of the advertising I was able to achieve by partnering with the Parks & Recreation department.   They published several photos with the camp description in their catalog that went to thousands and thousands of locations.  The school districts allowed me to send fliers home to students because the parks department is a non-profit organization.  After the spring camp I decided to upgrade my flier and made a deal with local illustrator, Chelsea Baker.  She stays busy drawing a 4 panel comic every day.  It was the best advertising investment I’ve ever made.

It was my 3rd year pieing at Festival of Purim and 2nd with a large entourage of clowns.  The rabbi was on sabbatical, but I’ve already pied him twice.  This year I stayed for the whole megillah.

It’s come down to a “Go Big or Go Home” mentality.  Technically, it’s a “Go Big and THEN Go Home” thing.  If other clowns sometimes offer a 2nd clown, I like to offer half a dozen.  I like to arrange a multi-clown team to accommodate the balloons, Laughter Yoga, singing, dancing, and piñata bashing.  Clown OVERKILL is really my favorite thing.  It’s especially efficient when we’re doing one-on-one activities like face painting and balloon twisting.

Some clowns work in pairs.  I like to roll about 5 deep whenever possible.  I keep a clown in every corner and one in center stage.  Guess who gets center stage.


The Clown Continuum – by Monica Drake for The Paris Review

A strange man asked if he could hit me in the face, straight on, with a pie. He said he was a clown, pies were his thing.

“Sure!” I emailed back, complete with the seemingly uncontrollable enthusiasm, perhaps a little forced, implied by an exclamation point.

“You’re a good sport, Monica,” he wrote.

His words unnerved me.

When I tell people about the story, I want to talk about the clown. I want to say that Jusby the Clown has a degree from Evergreen State College. A degree! He’s worked to forge “a bridge between Eastern and Western forms of clowning.” He’s interested in “the special healing role of the clown around the world” and “the organic link between the clown and the shaman.”

I want to build his credibility because that builds mine: I didn’t just meet a strange man in a park to let him smear my mascara in his whip cream in front of children. I opened myself up to a spiritual experience.

For the Full Essay Go Here>

Here’s a PDF to Download “The Clown Continuum”

typical Monday

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GRuB Soiree at the Schmidt

The nice folks at GRuB (Garden-Raised Bounty) asked if I would support their annual auction with a donation.  Since our family had been a previous recipient of their free raised bed garden, I offered up a Party Extraordinaire on the condition that I could attend the Soiree at the Schmidt with my partner, Honey.

GRuB wisely bundled our services with cupcakes from She & She Gluten Free!

It gave me the chance to rewrite the verbage about the party for Auctioneer, Joe Hyer.

“an extraordinary and unhurried visit by Jusby the Clown AND his lovely assistant, Honey, as your surprise guests performing their amusing brand of edu-tainment for you at the conclusion of which, multiple guests may get a PIE-IN-THE-FACE!
Jusby & Honey will spend 75 minutes at your event facilitating pies, transformations, & guided laughter.  You get to help plan the proportion of each.
Would you prefer to laugh until you can’t stop?
Would you like each of your guests to have a painted face, a tattooed arm, or a balloon creation?
Would you choose to host the next record-breaking pie-in-the-face party?
At any rate, you are bidding on Safe, Appropriate, and Profoundly Memorable Surprises with Jusby the Clown & Comedy Consultant.”

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Folkshine 2

Got a call one morning from author-educator Steve Eggleston.  He had dreamed that he was doing another interview with me and found my number in the nightstand drawer.  He called so he could make the dream come real.  Technology has advanced enough in  two years that he figured he could get the interview sorted in a day instead of several weeks.

He’d iphone it.

So I arranged to meet him after a mercy pieing… went to a party w/o a contract and essentially busked. Total noble cause tho: peace activist.

We met at the parking lot of the Olympian.  I wore my Elvis shades.  He had six questions typed on the iphone.  I chose three and he took some snaps and a little video.

  • Can a clown be political?
  • When will we see a wikipedia entry for Jusby?
  • Is there anyone you would discourage from clowning?



Opening (a circle) for Celia (with Escariot)

Enya, Ani, Joan, Gilda & Tina… Wrapped into one! She’s a Pagan, a Fairy, a Librarian, and a recycling folk singer. [she keeps the heavy metal separated from the pop plastic]

Oly CUUPS and the Olympia Green Theater present Celia Farran, in a benefit performance for the South Sound Pagan Pride Day Celebration

Celia is a cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, & Tina Fey. She dishes up the most delicious concoction of the silly & the sacred. Celia has opened for notable authors: Marianne Williamson, Neal Donald Walsche, & Dr. Masaru Emoto. She has provided live music for Off Broadway’s “Rum & Vodka”, authored “Symbol” (Anthem to the Pentacle Quest) and her “Irish Tales” has been nominated Best Storytelling CD by Just Plain Folks (The Grassroots of Grammies). Celia was born and raised in Wisconsin, currently resides in Santa Fe, NM & is touring with her 8th recording “Carry Me Home”. Hear her music at

I had been invited by Ray Simkins (and Escariot) to perform a spell…

casting a circle and drawing down the elements as a comedy duo routine… ends w/ flaming pie + bucket o’ water (on me).

Getting ready to clown in the sanctuary! Juggling fishes to call on the water element! The element of air! Center: the element of SPIRIT! Up on stage with Gisela Sneezencoff Ray pied.

I laughed, I cried, I Pied!

Noise Guy Pied

Charlie “The Noise Guy” Williams (of Isaaquah) capped off the Summer Children’s Entertainment Series on Tuesday night.  Capped it right off. bang-bang-bang. ke-BaaaNGGG!

Okay, kids.   You can only make these sounds OUTSIDE, okay?  Have a fun car ride home, parents.

Blasting the kiddy mosh pit with a Super Soaker to illustrate the effects of Hurricane Charlie.

And a third volley because they screamed “More, more, you fool!  We must be subdued by your hydraulic arsenal or we will rush the stage!”

What a pretty face!  It almost seems a shame to cover it in pie.  Almost.

We arranged to meet on Thursday morning before Charlie’s next Olympia show (at the downtown library).  We had a blast comparing stories and riffing on each others’ material.  We’ had a delicious breakfast at the New Moon Cafe (Vampire themed vegan breakfasts – j/k). He ordered French Toast.  I ordered the Monte Cristo… which is a triple-decker French toast club sandwich.  I brought a Buy Local coupon.  He brought a credit card.  Breakfast was on him!

Charlie’s modeling the new Magnum salon cape that replaced the backwards lab coat for pieing.  He’s always wanted a pie-in-the-face.  It was fate that brought us together.  Fate and FACEBOOK.

Now it’s time for his Jusby Desert.

Desert was on him too!

No skimping on the pie!  If you look closely you’ll see Terry Zander, former piee, peering at us from inside.  Also seen in the New Moon that morning, former client, Debe Edden.

Ooops.  Somebody’s gonna have to clean that up!  Out came Terry Zander to the rescue with several buckets of water and an industrial push broom.  The catch?  I had to listen to his jokes.

Speaking of water… an hour later Charlie’s back to squirting the children for the conclusion of Take a Splash, Read!

What IS that racket?

It’s your new light saber on the first day of Jedi School.  Good thing Master Yoda had that tip about the AA batteries.

“My crops need watering on Farmville!  I’m wasting time on Facebook!”

Charlie wrote a book: “Flush, an Ode to Toilets”.


I’m am the literariest clown in the whole reciprocating bio-region of Cascadia!

Charlie’s review of the Pieing

Out of the choices: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or Not Applicable

Charlie selected Strongly Agree for All 7 survey questions


  1. The pie had an adequate, clearly identifiable target.
  2. Pie met my expectations in terms of its stated target.
  3. Comedy was appropriate for the amount of time allowed.
  4. Pie increased my laughter and/or expanded my smile.
  5. I will be able to apply the pie content to my current job assignment.


  1. The clown was organized and prepared.
  2. The clown had a thorough knowledge of the subject.
  3. The clown used effective talking and hand motions and stuff.

He also added the following comments: “Pied Piper, Pied lovebird, Pie in the sky, the great pie of Sauron”

Jusby and Cottleston Pie

Here’s Melissa Suther and I at the temporary KAOS radio HQ Portable [mobile home].

I came out there to be her guest on Father’s Day.  She hosts a kid’s show called “Cottleston Pie”

Talkin the Talk and Walking the Walk… or Sitting the Sit.

2-01jusbyoncottlestonpie part1 (MP3)

2-01jusbyoncottlestonpie part2 (MP3)

2-01jusbyoncottlestonpie part 3 (MP3)

Protected: Thinking Outside the box pt 4

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Pie-ing Patch while Designing a Society

We arrived at the Fremont Studios for Patch Adam’s birthday party celebration at about 9 PM and found him strolling outside for a break of some sort.  I sprung into action, and he graciously stood still for it while I waived the usual speechifying and simply presented the pie-in-the-face.

Inside, we rocked out until past midnight!

Miss Kate accepted her pie-in-the-face, and reciprocated in kind.

The evening concluded with a twofer and I broke the 300 pied faces mark!

Pirate (Clown) Party for 6 y/o Boy

Captain Jusby, First Mate Miss Kate and their Pirate crew

Dear Jusby,

I am in need of a clown quickly, my son is having his 6th birthday party in Lacey WA. at Rainier Vista park on Sunday May 23rd, the party is from 3:30 to 6:30, but we need a clown for an hour or so. I know it’s short notice but he wanted a pirate party and well no pirates around here I guess, now he wants a clown. Is there anything you can do? What is your cost?

Thank You!  A Mom

Dear Mom,

I am totally willing to tweak my costume and routine toward a Pirate themed party.
As you have noticed from the website, the pie-in-the-face is my specialty, and I find it best if parents have advance warning so they can be prepared with 1) spare clothes & 2) their own camera!

I’m thinking I’ll include:
Pirate Transformations (Scars, mustaches, temp tattoos)
Treasure Hunt (wild goose chase)
Balloon Swords

Of course, I’ll bring “Snowball” the pie-rat and plenty of pies.


I found an assistant who is available on Sunday: (“First Mate”) Miss Kate!  She also attended The Silly Fool School of Top Secret Esoteric Clowning AND has clowned abroad with Patch Adams, AND she is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.
Her services are included in my rates.  We will paint faces twice as fast.  We will PIE faces twice as fast.
We can split guests into two teams for pirate games.
We can engage adults AND children simultaneously.

Oh, I love it when an assistant is available!


Oh, kid, this is gonna be great!  Are you absolutely sure you want this?

This girl kept trying to put the labcoat on forwards instead of backwards like a smock.  We had a little matador action going on for a minute.

Jusby gives advice about pie-ing your own mother: “She carried you for nine months… don’t hurt her!”

Okay, Mom, this is what happens when you hire Jusby.

Dad’s Turn!

Mission Accomplished

Between Two Clown Worlds

Red Nose Brigade at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair, 11:50 AM Saturday

12:20 PM, Bubble Trouble (Tardy!), Jusby & Ronald McDonald (on Segway)

7:30 PM, I don’t know why I wore the cape, but it was the perfect accessory to compliment to the belly dancer.

8 PM, Cheshire does some balloon play

10 PM, Who’s that kid on the runaway wheelchair?!  I pied her two weeks ago!

Miss Kate’s Sacred Clown Troupe: Cheshire, Light Bear, Miss Kate & Jusby

I got a free CD out of the deal.  Check ’em out at

Orion got to be in a spiral dance or “pulling dance” as he called it during the closing song of Revel Me!’s set.

We left just as DJ Sweet Elite got started and missed the Erev Rav’s set entirely.  Ridiculous.

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