Folkshine 2

Got a call one morning from author-educator Steve Eggleston.  He had dreamed that he was doing another interview with me and found my number in the nightstand drawer.  He called so he could make the dream come real.  Technology has advanced enough in  two years that he figured he could get the interview sorted in a day instead of several weeks.

He’d iphone it.

So I arranged to meet him after a mercy pieing… went to a party w/o a contract and essentially busked. Total noble cause tho: peace activist.

We met at the parking lot of the Olympian.  I wore my Elvis shades.  He had six questions typed on the iphone.  I chose three and he took some snaps and a little video.

  • Can a clown be political?
  • When will we see a wikipedia entry for Jusby?
  • Is there anyone you would discourage from clowning?



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