Pirate (Clown) Party for 6 y/o Boy

Captain Jusby, First Mate Miss Kate and their Pirate crew

Dear Jusby,

I am in need of a clown quickly, my son is having his 6th birthday party in Lacey WA. at Rainier Vista park on Sunday May 23rd, the party is from 3:30 to 6:30, but we need a clown for an hour or so. I know it’s short notice but he wanted a pirate party and well no pirates around here I guess, now he wants a clown. Is there anything you can do? What is your cost?

Thank You!  A Mom

Dear Mom,

I am totally willing to tweak my costume and routine toward a Pirate themed party.
As you have noticed from the website, the pie-in-the-face is my specialty, and I find it best if parents have advance warning so they can be prepared with 1) spare clothes & 2) their own camera!

I’m thinking I’ll include:
Pirate Transformations (Scars, mustaches, temp tattoos)
Treasure Hunt (wild goose chase)
Balloon Swords

Of course, I’ll bring “Snowball” the pie-rat and plenty of pies.


I found an assistant who is available on Sunday: (“First Mate”) Miss Kate!  She also attended The Silly Fool School of Top Secret Esoteric Clowning AND has clowned abroad with Patch Adams, AND she is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.
Her services are included in my rates.  We will paint faces twice as fast.  We will PIE faces twice as fast.
We can split guests into two teams for pirate games.
We can engage adults AND children simultaneously.

Oh, I love it when an assistant is available!


Oh, kid, this is gonna be great!  Are you absolutely sure you want this?

This girl kept trying to put the labcoat on forwards instead of backwards like a smock.  We had a little matador action going on for a minute.

Jusby gives advice about pie-ing your own mother: “She carried you for nine months… don’t hurt her!”

Okay, Mom, this is what happens when you hire Jusby.

Dad’s Turn!

Mission Accomplished


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