Between Two Clown Worlds

Red Nose Brigade at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair, 11:50 AM Saturday

12:20 PM, Bubble Trouble (Tardy!), Jusby & Ronald McDonald (on Segway)

7:30 PM, I don’t know why I wore the cape, but it was the perfect accessory to compliment to the belly dancer.

8 PM, Cheshire does some balloon play

10 PM, Who’s that kid on the runaway wheelchair?!  I pied her two weeks ago!

Miss Kate’s Sacred Clown Troupe: Cheshire, Light Bear, Miss Kate & Jusby

I got a free CD out of the deal.  Check ’em out at

Orion got to be in a spiral dance or “pulling dance” as he called it during the closing song of Revel Me!’s set.

We left just as DJ Sweet Elite got started and missed the Erev Rav’s set entirely.  Ridiculous.

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