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Go Seahawks Go!

A little video I helped with this week at the request of Alex “the Zaniac” Zerbe.

Supporting the 49ers is dangerous in a Seahawk town

Supporting the 49ers is dangerous in a Seahawk town


typical Monday

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Lego Themed Party for 7 y/o Son of Mine

Here’s the artwork for Orion’s Birthday invitation.  Those are Lego 1xs (One By’s).  The bottom of the seven is a piece that represents scoops of ice cream.

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Lego Brick Cake from Cakeitecture.  She also makes Cake Pops (Frosted Doughnut Hole on a Stick) in the form of minifig heads.

Have to order these next time.

Parachute Fun

Birthday Boy gets the first pie in the face!

A Five Clown Party: Ridiculah, Honey, Sage, Jusby & Elliot!

Thank You created by Uncle Nick.

Guests also received a custom Lego Party Mix CD

Artist      –      Song  [Relevant Lego Theme]

  1. Daft Punk – Superheroes [Batman/ Spiderman]
  2. Bryce Panic – Hidden Track (Can I Kick It?) [Mystery Minifigs]
  3. Talking Heads – Papa Legba (Pops Staples Vocal) [Agents]
  4. Talking Heads – Stay Up Late [Classic]
  5. The Police – Demolition Man [Police]
  6. Cryoshell – Creeping In My Soul [Bionicle]
  7. John Williams – The Temple of Doom [Indiana Jones]
  8. Weird Al Yankovich – Star Wars – The Saga Begins [Star Wars]
  9. SWSFX – Ship – Flyby_17 [Star Wars]
  10. Andrew Zilch – Ewok Gospel [Star Wars]
  11. SWSFX – Force Lightning  [Star Wars]
  12. Star Wars the Musical – May the Force be with you [Star Wars]
  13. Jason Traeger – Love Faeries [Star Wars]
  14. SWSFX – Radio Chatter_1 [Star Wars]
  15. Mad Tea Party – Mad Watch [Belville]
  16. Harry Gregson – Williams – Ostrich Race [Prince of Persia]
  17. Sandman (the Rappin Cowboy) – Crazy Animals [Duplo]
  18. Gipsy Kings – You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Par Espagnol)  [Toy Story]
  19. Chuck Berry – Route 66 [Cars]
  20. Pink Martini – The Gardens of Sampson & Beasley [Town]
  21. Jethro Tull – Orion  [Space]
  22. Klaus Badelt – He’s A Pirate [Pirates of the Caribbean]
  23. Ministry of Magic – Marauder’s Map [Harry Potter]
  24. Ministry of Magic – Accio Love [Harry Potter]
  25. The Boyz Who Lived  – Wizard Rock [Harry Potter]

Folkshine 2

Got a call one morning from author-educator Steve Eggleston.  He had dreamed that he was doing another interview with me and found my number in the nightstand drawer.  He called so he could make the dream come real.  Technology has advanced enough in  two years that he figured he could get the interview sorted in a day instead of several weeks.

He’d iphone it.

So I arranged to meet him after a mercy pieing… went to a party w/o a contract and essentially busked. Total noble cause tho: peace activist.

We met at the parking lot of the Olympian.  I wore my Elvis shades.  He had six questions typed on the iphone.  I chose three and he took some snaps and a little video.

  • Can a clown be political?
  • When will we see a wikipedia entry for Jusby?
  • Is there anyone you would discourage from clowning?



Another Singing Telegram Delivered

Just returned from JFK HS in Burien where I delivered a special Happy Fiftieth Birthday Telegram to a teacher on behalf of his brothers.  They also wanted him to know “Bears Suck, Packers Rule“.

The “Mr. Birthday” Look AKA Jusby the Plain Faced Fool

Is that the Pope on the wall behind me?!  We’re in a Catholic High School!

This is a long way from my gig in MTV’s High School Stories!

For He’s a Jolly Good 5-0!

Mrs. Martin, Did You Let this Clown In?

Yes!  No one knew all your students would be gone!

It’s All Good!  Thanks, American Singing Telegrams!

Olympia Film Fest Opening Night Pie-Fest (new total: ~360)

The first pied face of the night… Mushroom Head Guy


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From then on the whipped cream flowed like rain.. over men, women, and children..

Ruby… Cora… Nolan… Chelsea Baker… It’s Thea from Green Sweep!

Honey the Clown got promoted to chief pier for the night!

Ryan… Alison

Honey has a firm but gentle hand with the pies.  She also sings while she pies.

Daphne… Mia…  Puck Franta pied!… Meta Hogan pied!… Vivika… Zophia… Greg… Gray… Jason
Miss Kate assists the Festival Programmer, Ivan Peycheff, with the cape

Good thing we finally got the marquee in the shot!

Tina… Mike the Marine… Adam

27 signed up but only 26 went through with it.

We appreciated the support and generosity we were shown by the Olympia Film Festival.  It was an honor to be included in the street carnivale with the Artesian Rumble Arkestra, Illuminated Procession and fortune telling robot.

And the OFS Octopus, of course!

Pie in the face? Pie in the face?

Jusby and Cottleston Pie

Here’s Melissa Suther and I at the temporary KAOS radio HQ Portable [mobile home].

I came out there to be her guest on Father’s Day.  She hosts a kid’s show called “Cottleston Pie”

Talkin the Talk and Walking the Walk… or Sitting the Sit.

2-01jusbyoncottlestonpie part1 (MP3)

2-01jusbyoncottlestonpie part2 (MP3)

2-01jusbyoncottlestonpie part 3 (MP3)

Pie-ing Patch while Designing a Society

We arrived at the Fremont Studios for Patch Adam’s birthday party celebration at about 9 PM and found him strolling outside for a break of some sort.  I sprung into action, and he graciously stood still for it while I waived the usual speechifying and simply presented the pie-in-the-face.

Inside, we rocked out until past midnight!

Miss Kate accepted her pie-in-the-face, and reciprocated in kind.

The evening concluded with a twofer and I broke the 300 pied faces mark!

Between Two Clown Worlds

Red Nose Brigade at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair, 11:50 AM Saturday

12:20 PM, Bubble Trouble (Tardy!), Jusby & Ronald McDonald (on Segway)

7:30 PM, I don’t know why I wore the cape, but it was the perfect accessory to compliment to the belly dancer.

8 PM, Cheshire does some balloon play

10 PM, Who’s that kid on the runaway wheelchair?!  I pied her two weeks ago!

Miss Kate’s Sacred Clown Troupe: Cheshire, Light Bear, Miss Kate & Jusby

I got a free CD out of the deal.  Check ’em out at

Orion got to be in a spiral dance or “pulling dance” as he called it during the closing song of Revel Me!’s set.

We left just as DJ Sweet Elite got started and missed the Erev Rav’s set entirely.  Ridiculous.

Jusby’s Singing Telegram(s)

I got a call during lunch on Friday from Jon,  of asking if I was available Saturday.  The client was an active duty serviceman serving in Iraq who wanted to wish his mom a happy mother’s day.

The last time Jon called he had been looking for a guy in a gorilla suit, and this time he was asking after Elvis.

“I’ve got a train conductor… secret agent… doctor… uh… ”  Why does he keep asking for these redonkulous things!?

Well, it’s because these are what John Q. Public from Anytown, USA wants in a singing telegram, and these are the costumes listed and pictured on their website. >Note the position of ‘CLOWN’

OUR COSTUMES (availabilty varies per region):
.. (fun drag, tutuguy)

(valentines, anniversary, love)


We settled on the Tuxedo and Top Hat.  I told him that it was a white tux with tails and had primary color buttons: a clown tux, you know.  As it got closer I started to wonder whether I was even supposed to be a clown.  Then I knew that I couldn’t wear a clown tux, act like a clown, and sing like a clown without wearing a clown nose.

It would dilute my brand to do anything but show up as Jusby… and give the mom her telegram on Jusby stationary… and sing Jusby’s signature song.

So that’s what I did… wearing a tux jacket with shorts… gave her a HUGE bouquet in a vase, a balloon hat, and four helium balloons.   Great gig!

The mom was naturally moved to tears by my customized serenade. The dad puddled up too. Or was it allergies?

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Best Of 2008

Upgraded mp3 storage, courtesy Bibi Betsy: orionlaughalmost5months(10 seconds)

markpied2 jusbythemom clc_0237sm oriondiving justinwstevemclellen orionpiedtrishwnose

jusbyandextremo sherwoodbeachsm jusbywclowngirlsm brycesandmanjusby kagami2 tomppied trsihaliceandjeaninetree halloweenhouse08 jusbywsanta jusbywprincipalh

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