Another Singing Telegram Delivered

Just returned from JFK HS in Burien where I delivered a special Happy Fiftieth Birthday Telegram to a teacher on behalf of his brothers.  They also wanted him to know “Bears Suck, Packers Rule“.

The “Mr. Birthday” Look AKA Jusby the Plain Faced Fool

Is that the Pope on the wall behind me?!  We’re in a Catholic High School!

This is a long way from my gig in MTV’s High School Stories!

For He’s a Jolly Good 5-0!

Mrs. Martin, Did You Let this Clown In?

Yes!  No one knew all your students would be gone!

It’s All Good!  Thanks, American Singing Telegrams!


1 thought on “Another Singing Telegram Delivered

  1. that’s where my mom went to high school!

    i was going to see if you could visit my dad (who has been refusing to talk to me since i missed his birthday in september) while you were in the area, but i have literally no dollars. so instead i called him and cried.

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