Olympia Film Fest Opening Night Pie-Fest (new total: ~360)

The first pied face of the night… Mushroom Head Guy


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From then on the whipped cream flowed like rain.. over men, women, and children..

Ruby… Cora… Nolan… Chelsea Baker… It’s Thea from Green Sweep!

Honey the Clown got promoted to chief pier for the night!

Ryan… Alison

Honey has a firm but gentle hand with the pies.  She also sings while she pies.

Daphne… Mia…  Puck Franta pied!… Meta Hogan pied!… Vivika… Zophia… Greg… Gray… Jason
Miss Kate assists the Festival Programmer, Ivan Peycheff, with the cape

Good thing we finally got the marquee in the shot!

Tina… Mike the Marine… Adam

27 signed up but only 26 went through with it.

We appreciated the support and generosity we were shown by the Olympia Film Festival.  It was an honor to be included in the street carnivale with the Artesian Rumble Arkestra, Illuminated Procession and fortune telling robot.

And the OFS Octopus, of course!

Pie in the face? Pie in the face?

1 thought on “Olympia Film Fest Opening Night Pie-Fest (new total: ~360)

  1. i had a 27th for you, but then you were gone!

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