More Friggin’ Fright Night

Thanks to Paul Thomas of GCI ad agency for these fabulous pix!

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  • Jusby, Paul, Stephi, and Heather
  • Thanks to Stephi Eubanks of Oodalally productions for asking him to come over!
  • Thanks to Mike of Eastside Big Tom’s for putting together a Haunted Hamburger Drive-Thru for Scary Jusby and his Flaming Pies! … and accepting a (non-flaming) pie-in-the-face!
  • Mike signs
  • Mike waits patiently… and so does devilman.
  • Done!
  • and Well Done! Next!
  • Definitely you, kid!  After what you said to the mayor…
  • Daniel gets his second pie (of the night!)… I was at his 8th birthday back in… June of 2008!
  • Random kid… “Me too”
  • Training Balloon Dogs to Jump Through Flaming Pie
  • Hot stuff coming through!
  • Are you sure I can’t interest you in dessert?

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