Dress Rehearsal

Jusby, Devilman, and Mike at the Halloween House on Thursday’s opening night/ dress rehearsal.

Jusby’s make-up is a new clown-lite variation. His Mad Hatter costume is missing the giant bow tie. He’s wearing a short sleeve button up over an Evergreen sweatshirt. Not pictured: Jusby’s polypropylene long underwear and the teacup full of bloody sugar cubes.

The music definitely helped. The playlist included:

Arrington de Dionyso “Breath of Fire”

the Januaries “Love Met the Devil”

Magnetic Fields “Save a Secret for the Moon”

Devics “Ghost”

the Knurlings “Cemetary Stomp”

Harvey Danger “Authenticity”

Hamlet Machine and Sponge “Spirit”

Mary Water “Headless Horseman”

Shocore “Bone Cracker”

Dennis Driscoll “Maureen Halloween”

the Actual Tigers “Standing By”

the Shaggs “It’s Halloween”

the Rondells “TV Zombie”

Diamanda Galas “I Put a Spell on You”

Joey Ramone “Spirit in my House”

Reverend Horton Heat “Halloween Dance”

and lots more! from the Dance O’ Dance mp3 archives.

I anticipate spending the majority of Halloween evening working the crowd from the front yard all the way to “the frightening Egress!” I’ll arrive at approximately 6:30 and depart at 10. Love to see you there!

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