Previewing the Halloween House

Mike told me to drop by the scene this evening. I had Orion with me, and he was having serious reservations as we approached via the cemetery.

I’d given him my 18Kt Gold Ankh as a protective amulet. Oma Selma gave it to me many years ago. She got it off the Home Shopping Network, but I didn’t mention that. I led him to believe that it would repel the undead as it stands for eternal life. I also suggested he wear his LED headlamp and sound dampening headphones.

Furthermore, I let him carry the green LASER!

I brought my new Maxwave wireless audio support blasting a Halloween mix of mp3s, including at least three episodes worth of October Dance O’ Dance tracks. It’s gone FURTHER on sale since I bought mine. See this listing at SEARS.COM.

Jusby's Wireless Audio Support
Jusby's Wireless Audio Support

Mike had told me that the Olympian wasn’t giving him any coverage. I noticed as much myself on searching their website for Halloween trick or treating locations/ haunted houses.

Mike wasn’t home when we arrived, but his evil minions were busy working, and Orion could barely hold himself together. He wouldn’t walk in and started bawling, but I lifted him onto my shoulders and had him zap all the creepy guys with the laser until we left.

One improvement they’ve made this year is a one-way valve to prevent people from revisiting the back yard and ruining the surprises. They’re also using more of the side yard.

Also, the road actually got repaved TODAY, so you don’t have to drive through the graveyard if you don’t want to, but I recommend it anyway.

Edit: As we left Orion said, “That was SO AWESOME! I’m gonna tell Mom how brave I was! I’ll show her all the stuff I was wearing and that I zapped the bad guys with the green laser! She’ll be so proud of me!”

I suggested that we go back later so I could actually talk to Mike. “No WAY!” he said.

520 North St TUMWATER

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