Jusby’s Best of 2009

January – Honey the Clown is born! She attends (approximately) SEVENTEEN events with me in 2009!

February – Trish and I take “The Art of the Tease” class with Miss Indigo Blue and I start reconnecting with David Raffin upon reading his short story “Twilight of the Clowns”.  He creates (approximately) SEVENTEEN works of art featuring me in 2009.

March – I continued classes in anthroposophical based clowning with Dawn of the Simple Fool school (of top secret esoteric clowning).  Orion turned 5 with a Glow Golf party.

April – An old friend gets stuck on her way home to Alaska and gets the first mini-pie-in-the-face.

I turn 40 and eat fried crickets.  I break the 100 pie mark.  Honey and I clown at Procession of the Species.

May – Jusby the Engineer is born!  Red Nose Brigade parade season starts.  I get called into the ring to be an assistant at Circus Gatti!  I get interviewed for Folkshine.  Jusby the Agent is born.

June – The Timberland Regional Library now has 2 years of the clown magazine “the New Calliope” thanks to me (and the RNB).  I order a whipped cream dispenser from e-bay so I can offer sugar free non-dairy organic pies in the face.  Honey and I march in the Pride parade.  Mish and I do a party in McCleary.

(c) Steve Bloom, the Olympian

July – Pied Monica Drake, author of Clown Girl in Portland… and her husband, and two of their author friends!  I bought a red unicycle.  I graduated from the Simple Fool school.  We see orca whales in the San Juans.  Jusby the Referee is born and I break the 200 pie mark!

(c) Greg Wahl-Stephens

August – I pie zombies!  I construct the first two models of the flaming pie.  The zombies survive.

August –  I get a job at a school I used to work at.  (I go into the interview with two letters of recommendation from members of the interview committee).  They nominate me to lipsynch to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” at the first assembly.  I debut the unicycle.   I pie a woman I haven’t seen in 25 years… and her 16 year old daughter.  I buy a pair of size 20 shoes for $5.

October -I appear (4 times) in a huge photo collage at Fall Arts Walk in the window of Hot Toddy.  Orion and I go to Portland for the Juggling Festival and I practice my unicycle for hours.  The alley attends the Northwest Festival of Clowns.  I take home three medals and $20 for my shoes (sold to a Belgian clown).  I escort people through the Tumwater Halloween House three nights in a row.

November – I meet and pie (of course) Dingo Dizmal and his girlfriend, Olive Rootbeer.  I also meet (again) Pamela “Fancie” Woods and her poodle, Olive.

December – I debut my new theme song and the flaming pie at a birthday in Portland.  I pie David Raffin’s mother in Lacey.  (The pie is not flaming.)


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  1. That is really COOL and i am happy to have viewed it from my phone!

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