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Laughter Yoga and the Sacred Fool

I returned to Unity of Centralia today to deliver a message about Laughter Yoga and the Sacred Fool.  It was full of hysterical stories of historical and prehistorical clown pie rituals.  I also quoted liberally from Monica Drake‘s essay “The Clown Continuum” in which she describes getting pied.

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I got 8 more willing faces to accept the sacramental pie including one woman whose birthday just so happened to be today.

Pie in the face



Adult Three Way Party (SFW)

"Ol' King Kong, it's a sad old story.. he wanted some love and the love turned gory

“Ol’ King Kong, it’s a sad old story.. he wanted some love and the love turned gory

“Bapak Utan” sang “Ol’ King Kong” by Sandman the Rappin’ Cowboy.

I read “A Birthday Clown for Archer” by Kathy Mashburn about a boy who convinces his coulrophobic mother to hire a clown for his birthday.  After all, it’s HIS BIRTHDAY!

PLEASE MOM PLEASE MOM PLEASE MOM j/k. He’s a nice kid that Archer.  Not like some people’s kids.  This lady here has a kid.  The middle kid.  I worked with him.  I have lots of notes.  A real sweet heart and funny guy but he could turn on you, start throwing crayons faster than you can say Jack Asperger’s.

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Blaykestock 2011 & 2012



Jusby & Juliette partied with Blayke in Rochester last August and returned this year with Sweetpea… and the Photographer was also called Sweet Pea!


We hit the 707th Willingly Pied Face Today!


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(c) Sweet Pea Photography


typical Monday

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Mud Run and Camp Thunderbird

Undecided about a costume for my premiere/finale as a Lincoln Elementary employee, I looked for some inspiration on the Camp Thunderbird info sheet.  It said: “Water is Off Limits” and that resonated with the global angst about the BP-Gulf of Mexico Disaster, so I dressed in hip waders and brought my blue buckets.

On the way up 101 we heard on KAOS that the annual Evergreen Mud Run was scheduled to begin and precisely that moment, so I pulled over and made like a clown going for a stroll on the beach… perplexed, intrigued and astonished to find nekkid ppl running across the mud flats.

Two pics by Laura Killian.  The rest of her FLICKR set>

A couple of pics by Trish>

“There’s some dirty hippies takin’ a hippy mud bath before they gotta gradjamacate today!”

“Is that a Gooey Duck or are you just happy to see me?”

Then we drove to Camp Thunderbird.  I made myself useful at the “Circus, Circus” activity station.  I had been led to believe that I was expected, that students would learn to walk on stilts, make their own juggling balls, and practice other skills like slack rope walking.  There were stilts there.  They had decided against the balloon+sand bag juggling ball construction portion of the circus for ecological+logistical reasons.  I’d brung my rubber squirting fish in the bucket and gave tutorials with those.  I also assisted with stilt fitting and walking and encouraged one girl to add hula hooping to her stilt walking.  She could do it for almost half a minute!

A couple more pics by Trish>

I joined the talent show too late to get a hula hoop, so I faked it.

When they provided one I continued to fake it!

Photo by Julie Montgomery of me during Juggling practice with Eloise.

Pie-ing Patch while Designing a Society

We arrived at the Fremont Studios for Patch Adam’s birthday party celebration at about 9 PM and found him strolling outside for a break of some sort.  I sprung into action, and he graciously stood still for it while I waived the usual speechifying and simply presented the pie-in-the-face.

Inside, we rocked out until past midnight!

Miss Kate accepted her pie-in-the-face, and reciprocated in kind.

The evening concluded with a twofer and I broke the 300 pied faces mark!

Jusby’s Best of 2009

January – Honey the Clown is born! She attends (approximately) SEVENTEEN events with me in 2009!

February – Trish and I take “The Art of the Tease” class with Miss Indigo Blue and I start reconnecting with David Raffin upon reading his short story “Twilight of the Clowns”.  He creates (approximately) SEVENTEEN works of art featuring me in 2009.

March – I continued classes in anthroposophical based clowning with Dawn of the Simple Fool school (of top secret esoteric clowning).  Orion turned 5 with a Glow Golf party.

April – An old friend gets stuck on her way home to Alaska and gets the first mini-pie-in-the-face.

I turn 40 and eat fried crickets.  I break the 100 pie mark.  Honey and I clown at Procession of the Species.

May – Jusby the Engineer is born!  Red Nose Brigade parade season starts.  I get called into the ring to be an assistant at Circus Gatti!  I get interviewed for Folkshine.  Jusby the Agent is born.

June – The Timberland Regional Library now has 2 years of the clown magazine “the New Calliope” thanks to me (and the RNB).  I order a whipped cream dispenser from e-bay so I can offer sugar free non-dairy organic pies in the face.  Honey and I march in the Pride parade.  Mish and I do a party in McCleary.

(c) Steve Bloom, the Olympian

July – Pied Monica Drake, author of Clown Girl in Portland… and her husband, and two of their author friends!  I bought a red unicycle.  I graduated from the Simple Fool school.  We see orca whales in the San Juans.  Jusby the Referee is born and I break the 200 pie mark!

(c) Greg Wahl-Stephens

August – I pie zombies!  I construct the first two models of the flaming pie.  The zombies survive.

August –  I get a job at a school I used to work at.  (I go into the interview with two letters of recommendation from members of the interview committee).  They nominate me to lipsynch to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” at the first assembly.  I debut the unicycle.   I pie a woman I haven’t seen in 25 years… and her 16 year old daughter.  I buy a pair of size 20 shoes for $5.

October -I appear (4 times) in a huge photo collage at Fall Arts Walk in the window of Hot Toddy.  Orion and I go to Portland for the Juggling Festival and I practice my unicycle for hours.  The alley attends the Northwest Festival of Clowns.  I take home three medals and $20 for my shoes (sold to a Belgian clown).  I escort people through the Tumwater Halloween House three nights in a row.

November – I meet and pie (of course) Dingo Dizmal and his girlfriend, Olive Rootbeer.  I also meet (again) Pamela “Fancie” Woods and her poodle, Olive.

December – I debut my new theme song and the flaming pie at a birthday in Portland.  I pie David Raffin’s mother in Lacey.  (The pie is not flaming.)

Inspiration at Rusty Cock Ridge (NWFC Day 4)

Francois had also wanted to buy a Giant Penny, but the vendor had run out.  I gave him mine, since he had paid $20 for my $5 pair of shoes.


The $5 Replacement shoes.

Then I sent Trish over to NW Costume to replace the size 20s with the next largest pair they had left: size 18s.  They should be big enough but more manageable in the act.

Then I took Orion over to Rusty Cock Ridge to replace the penny.  I wound up with so much more!


I bought a JUMBO Gold $20 coin as well.  Now I have a full set: Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold!


If you can’t earn a Gold Medal, buy some Gold Metal.


(c)The Olympian

I also hit on the inspiration to connect Carolee with Sprout.  Carolee recently made the news with her synchronized swimming group, and Sprout recently earned a Gold for her synchronized swimming skit.  Carolee said the swimmers would be having a show in December, and I promised to connect them through facebook.  But, gosh, I don’t have a routine all worked up to coordinate with that.

Carolee asked me to publicize my services more.  Maybe somebody would want me to come to their Halloween party.  Maybe Rusty Cock Ridge would want to hire me… HUH? WHAT?  She would have to talk to the boss, but he was usually a push-over.  [She’s married to him.  Who’s really the boss?]

I sat down with some paper and drafted a proposal for their venue.    When the topic of price came up Orion was chiming in “By Donation!” WTF!  I had to gag him with one hand and say that it was negotiable.  I figure I could certainly accept a large percentage in trade since they have a lovely PHOTOGRAPHY business and BOUTIQUE!

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Mississippi Pizza Shoot

“We almost left town w/o connecting with Keith & Kara after the Monica Drake shoot. They arrived as the sun set, and Keith and I worked with what was there.”

IMG_0180 - Version 2

At long last, I got an email from Keith Casper that contained a few of the shots from our Mississippi Pizza shoot.

To refresh your memory, Keith had reconnected (“hooked up”) with a mutual classmate of ours from high school (via facebook), and decided to offer me a complimentary photo shoot to express his gratitude.

I booked another shoot (see all the Monica Drake posts) and invited him along.  It seemed like he wanted me all to himself because he didn’t show up for it.  I called him as it concluded, and he agreed to meet us in an hour.  We went to Mississippi Pizza with Dan and Serena and I posed for pictures with various passers-by.  We extended our conversations as long as we could.  It was 9 PM on a Sunday in Portland.  We wanted to get our 5 year old to bed… In Olympia!  We said good-bye to Dan and Serena and began walking back to our car.  Just then Keith and Kara pulled up.  He hopped out shooting, and shooting and shooting for an hour… due to some technical difficulties (harddrive crash) I had to wait a month for his e-mail.  These are my five favorites.

IMG_0190 - Version 2


Qwit struggling, Kid!  I know you just got a second wind, but it’s MY SHOOT!

IMG_0274 - Version 2

Everyone seemed to agree that I should try on Keith’s size 17 shoes.  My walking boots just aren’t clowny enough, even with rainbow laces.


Imaginary tightrope walking

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Henrik Bothe at Huntamer Park


Henrik Bothe [] came to the Lacey Children’s Entertainment Series and gave a show in near 100 degree weather.  Lucky for him (and us), his show started at 6:30 and he had some cover.


The Four Leg Teeterboard Gag

An assistant (a former classmate of mine from Madison), threw Henrik the third club after he had mounted his extra tall unicycle.

henrik1leggedunicycling henrikhatonfoot

He did the one-legged trick and the kick the hat up to his head trick.

henrikhatinair henrikhatonhead

henrikunderthelegtoss henrikpingpongmouth

He did the juggle a pin under the leg while on unicycle and juggled ping pong balls with his mouth.

Then Orion got to be his assistant for a Guess Which Hand routine.

orionwhenrik orionwhenrikb

His first try with the red ball goes fine, but then Henrik keeps tossing them behind Orion and moving to larger and larger balls.

orionwhenrikc orionwhenrikd


By the end, Henrik throws his water bottle over Orion’s head.  When it hits the ground Orion figures out what’s been happening.

henrikglovehead henrikw8plates

The big finale involves EIGHT spinning plates.  He only broke two of them.


And EIGHT spoons flipped into EIGHT glasses.

I asked him about the straitjacket bit, curious if he had left it off because of the heat.  He said that most of the kids just don’t recognize it, and he didn’t need two unicycle acts in one show.  I knew enough not to ask why he hadn’t done the Neonman routine… It wasn’t DARK ENOUGH!

A mom came up during our conversation with her awestruck little son and asked he ever did “small little birthday parties”.  He doesn’t.  Not really, no.  It would be too expensive, but he enouraged her to have his school hire him.

The guy’s a professional, lady.  Didn’t you see the part when I went up on stage to be a volunteer?  He asked, “What’s your name?”  I said, “Jusby the clown.”

He said, “Jusby… the clown…?  Get out of here!  I work alone!”

It was all in good fun.  I didn’t mind.  I would probably have tried to upstage him.  Too bad Orion didn’t get the picture of me being sent to the curb though.

on a funny side note… I just grabbed this from a recent Simpson’s episode I saw on Hulu.


Homer: “Big deal!  I could juggle six pins if they let me use a UNICYCLE!”

Juggler: “Well, If you think it’s too easy, why don’t you throw me something else.”

Homer throws Bart in.

Juggler: “Are you insane?  You can’t throw a little boy into my cascade!”

Homer throws Lisa in.

Juggler: “Stop tossing kids!”

Homer jumps in.


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