Mississippi Pizza Shoot

“We almost left town w/o connecting with Keith & Kara after the Monica Drake shoot. They arrived as the sun set, and Keith and I worked with what was there.”

IMG_0180 - Version 2

At long last, I got an email from Keith Casper that contained a few of the shots from our Mississippi Pizza shoot.

To refresh your memory, Keith had reconnected (“hooked up”) with a mutual classmate of ours from high school (via facebook), and decided to offer me a complimentary photo shoot to express his gratitude.

I booked another shoot (see all the Monica Drake posts) and invited him along.  It seemed like he wanted me all to himself because he didn’t show up for it.  I called him as it concluded, and he agreed to meet us in an hour.  We went to Mississippi Pizza with Dan and Serena and I posed for pictures with various passers-by.  We extended our conversations as long as we could.  It was 9 PM on a Sunday in Portland.  We wanted to get our 5 year old to bed… In Olympia!  We said good-bye to Dan and Serena and began walking back to our car.  Just then Keith and Kara pulled up.  He hopped out shooting, and shooting and shooting for an hour… due to some technical difficulties (harddrive crash) I had to wait a month for his e-mail.  These are my five favorites.

IMG_0190 - Version 2


Qwit struggling, Kid!  I know you just got a second wind, but it’s MY SHOOT!

IMG_0274 - Version 2

Everyone seemed to agree that I should try on Keith’s size 17 shoes.  My walking boots just aren’t clowny enough, even with rainbow laces.


Imaginary tightrope walking

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