Thursday Magic at Tugboat Annie’s

To celebrate my new job at Madison we went out for a cheeseburger.  We had a coupon for Tugboat Annie’s from the Buy Local book (buy one entree, get up to $10 off  your second entree!).  We didn’t realize that it would be tableside magic night!

The magician, Cary Durgin (of Durgin Magic ) arrived just as we ordered.  [I chose the Bacon Cheeseburger. ~Delicious & Filling~]

Durgin wisely focused his attention on Orion first.  Entertain the child, and the parents will be appreciative. Orion was a tough crowd at first; he was a bit too tired and hungry to be ebullient, effusive, or engaged.  Durgin persisted and we were all completely entertained.  We were baffled and amazed, really.  We could barely believe our eyes.  He’s got a dry, understated humor that I enjoy, and that I occassionally employ.  His dexterity with cards and coins and sponge balls was astounding.  [I’ve got to bring Sage here some time!]


Where’d the thing go?


Should I be looking where he’s looking?  Or in that left hand where the thing is hiding?

During his act my phone rang, and I excused myself to talk with Finn’s dad who had double booked and needed some emergency coverage the next day.  I couldn’t help him.  I was quadruple booked> planning to culture jam at the Trader Joe’s Grand Opening, to pie Tall Sarah’s at her summer camp end-of-year BBQ, to ferry Trish to her outcall,  and to bring Orion to a playdate with Anders.  When I returned to the table, Durgin borrowed my cell phone, and suddenly it was INSIDE a BALLOON!  “No, I can’t hear you… you’re IN A BALLOON!”


Orion’s starting to warm up to him.


No small change!

I was impressed and jealous.  Other clowns have often talked about working restaurant gigs, but I’ve been specializing in the pie-in-the-face scene… which might not go over too well before the entree.

I would definitely return to Tugboat Annie’s on some  Thursday evening for dinner and a show.  I’d love to go with a group of other entertainers, be they clowns, magicians, mimes, or even twisters.

1 thought on “Thursday Magic at Tugboat Annie’s

  1. First I must say I am honored you see me in this same regal, second….it’s not about the hand being quicker than the eye, it’s the fact that the mind is quicker than the hand.

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