Henrik Bothe at Huntamer Park


Henrik Bothe [http://www.coolneonman.com/] came to the Lacey Children’s Entertainment Series and gave a show in near 100 degree weather.  Lucky for him (and us), his show started at 6:30 and he had some cover.


The Four Leg Teeterboard Gag

An assistant (a former classmate of mine from Madison), threw Henrik the third club after he had mounted his extra tall unicycle.

henrik1leggedunicycling henrikhatonfoot

He did the one-legged trick and the kick the hat up to his head trick.

henrikhatinair henrikhatonhead

henrikunderthelegtoss henrikpingpongmouth

He did the juggle a pin under the leg while on unicycle and juggled ping pong balls with his mouth.

Then Orion got to be his assistant for a Guess Which Hand routine.

orionwhenrik orionwhenrikb

His first try with the red ball goes fine, but then Henrik keeps tossing them behind Orion and moving to larger and larger balls.

orionwhenrikc orionwhenrikd


By the end, Henrik throws his water bottle over Orion’s head.  When it hits the ground Orion figures out what’s been happening.

henrikglovehead henrikw8plates

The big finale involves EIGHT spinning plates.  He only broke two of them.


And EIGHT spoons flipped into EIGHT glasses.

I asked him about the straitjacket bit, curious if he had left it off because of the heat.  He said that most of the kids just don’t recognize it, and he didn’t need two unicycle acts in one show.  I knew enough not to ask why he hadn’t done the Neonman routine… It wasn’t DARK ENOUGH!

A mom came up during our conversation with her awestruck little son and asked he ever did “small little birthday parties”.  He doesn’t.  Not really, no.  It would be too expensive, but he enouraged her to have his school hire him.

The guy’s a professional, lady.  Didn’t you see the part when I went up on stage to be a volunteer?  He asked, “What’s your name?”  I said, “Jusby the clown.”

He said, “Jusby… the clown…?  Get out of here!  I work alone!”

It was all in good fun.  I didn’t mind.  I would probably have tried to upstage him.  Too bad Orion didn’t get the picture of me being sent to the curb though.

on a funny side note… I just grabbed this from a recent Simpson’s episode I saw on Hulu.


Homer: “Big deal!  I could juggle six pins if they let me use a UNICYCLE!”

Juggler: “Well, If you think it’s too easy, why don’t you throw me something else.”

Homer throws Bart in.

Juggler: “Are you insane?  You can’t throw a little boy into my cascade!”

Homer throws Lisa in.

Juggler: “Stop tossing kids!”

Homer jumps in.



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