Coloring Book-zine

I’ve just received my first new Jusby illustration for a Coloring Book-zine.  I was inspired to begin the search by Boogle the clown who has a collection of artwork “either as gifts, commission, trades or entries to my art contests”.  She’s a green-dreadlocked clown with a third eye and insect fetish.


Abe Poultridge made this Jusby based on my instructions for a Manga/Anime version to share with the EF (English First) students at tomorrow’s gig.  I like the Yugioh-type hair, and how he’s invented flair buttons of his own design.  I’ll do some branding on it (Name & website) and let the coloring begin.

Another friend is interested in making a drawing, but he’s got to finish building a Borg Cube first!


Here’s some of the current pages…

ap-jusbywpiesmbw legojusbycoloringbook minifigmeautographs1usd

1 thought on “Coloring Book-zine

  1. Very cool my friend, I look forward to the complete book…and I want a copy!! Kudos to brilliant marketing my man….pardon the website for the moment, it will be released VERY soon!

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