Funny Guy takes a Fall, Gets the Chair

I finally got around to having 2 1/2 hours to catch up on the Show Off Finals.

I was really looking forward to this moment per a status update by the director

“With a LIVE show anything can happen – our MC fainted ONSTAGE (he’s fine but it was scary)! Another MC stepped in for the last 1/4 of the show.”

Here it is.

[1:35:30]  “Another big hand for the Slieveloughane (Sleeve-locaine) dancers okay. we’ve got three more acts and a lot of talent, but first let’s bring out the second half performers, Formula Boogie… ”

[1:35:44] slump, CLUNK.

[1:35:46] They enter.  Jerry’s hair is visible on the floor.

A b-boy does a flip.  They notice Jerry.

[1:35:51]  A lady jumps on stage and instantly says “Call 911!” and points at a person to do it [1:35:54].

[1:35:56]  Deb starts walking across the stage.  A b-boy is backing up with his hands in the air! Like WTF, I didn’t touch him!

[1:36:04]  Stage crew are rushing over.   A silhouetted woman in the audience gets up and runs toward that side of the stage, and the director goes to a commercial.

Then there’s a kid interviewing the b-boys.  They talk about how long they’ve been dancing and shout out a prayer for Jerry.

He is replaced by John Tennis who acknowledges that he is NOT Jerry Farmer.  He says, “Jerry put his body and soul into the show, and his body is being worked on now.”

By the 2:00 mark, Deb comes on and says that Jerry’s fine.

“He got a little light headed during that dance routine.”

Sheer Professionalism!  Donate to TCTV for some smelling salts!

[2:24:51]  All the contestants are on the stage, and John Tennis says, “Will You Welcome Back to the stage, Jerry Farmer… and Deb Vinsel!”  [Cheers and concerned looks.  He’s in a wheelchair]

Jerry says, “Thank you all for your care and concern, and a special thanks to my two nurses who helped me out back there, Mike and Chelsea, and here’s the really cool thing.  They’re Mental Health nurses, okay?”

“God knows we love you, Jerry,” says Deb.  “Yeah,” says Jerry.

“There’s a whole other story,” says John.

“There certainly is,” says Deb.

“Crazy Business,” says Jerry, ” Thank you all.”

This update just in from Deb:

Congratulations … Troyz Boyz – 2009 TCTV SHOW OFF! Audience Choice Award Winner and “O” – 2009 TCTV SHOW OFF! Judges Choice Winner. TCTV is a winner too.. nearly $5000 raised in donations and sponsorships and a great, fun new community event is born! See you all next year!

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