Pie-ing “Just Sage”

Another pie… a long time coming but finally delivered.

“Just Sage” keeps crashing at my house on his way somewhere.  I brought up the topic of pieing, and he told me the story of what happened when he’d crashed at another friend’s house.  The guy let him use the shower in exchange for some hamburger.  While showering he noticed that the shower curtain was decorated with the shadow from Psycho.  Just then, his friend burst in with a Super Soaker!  “Now, go ahead with your shower.”

Then for dinner, the friend brought him his food in a metal dog bowl!  The friend was also eating from a dog bowl.  Apparently it was a habit he picked up living on a boat.  [They don’t wobble and slide off the boat!]

Finally, he said, “You need some Barnacle Vodka,” and retrieved a bottle that he’d found SCUBA diving.  The label had washed off and barnacles had grown on the glass, but the plastic ring around the top said Smirnov, so they knew what it contained.  After the drink he said, “Now Get Out of My House!”

Sage also mentioned that the whole thing had been documented with pictures for fcbk.  That was my opening.

I thawed the whipped cream and loaded it up in the pan.  Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

Now Take Your Shower and Get Out of My House!




1 thought on “Pie-ing “Just Sage”

  1. Hey, I am no beggar…I offer advice, experience, and laughter where ever I go, but standing outside with my hand open asking for change is starting to look SO much more promising considering I see people make more money for doing that than a busker will down at the Pike Place Market.
    I can do 3 hours of 3 20min. shows at Folk Life and pull in a $175.00 hat….but yet 2 hours at the Pike Place Market will yield me $8.00!!! WTF?!?!?!
    I reminds me of a commercial I saw on TV some years ago, a man and his son are walking down the street and there is a young woman playing the violin with her case open beside her feet and as the Father and son go walking by the kid looks at the girl and says, “Get a real job!” Then appearing on the bottom of the screen it says “Support Your Local Artists”. So thank you for supporting your local artist, cause believe it or not in Europe….I can get medical AND dental for being a busker!! Now I need my passport…can you spare me $185.00 in change?

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