Preliminary Auditions for “Show Off”

I just finished a round of judging for TCTV’s live benefit “Show Off”.  A second set of judges will see primarily vocal acts until 5:30 today (Saturday).  There will be 12 finalists with two alternates for a live televised show held at the Washington Center on November 14th.  Two $500 prizes will be awarded.


This was a miss matched pair of musicians.  The old guy sang a song about how he had his mercury fillings removed.  The young guy sang a song about zombies.


The Slumgully Bluegrass band


An amateur hypnotist convinces Vaude DeVille to remember 3 shapes incorrectly.


Ammon Platter, the judges really liked this guy, and so did Sage who offered him professional advice.


Battle!  Great cirque style acrobatics!


Slieveloughane Irish dancers.


Adult Hip-hop Dancers “Ning”


Seanny Ray and his accordion “Judy Squeeze”

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