Mentor Carnival

In honor of National Mentoring Month, the Be The One coalition invited me to attend their Take A Bow Carnival at Komachin Middle School.  I wondered how they had found me.  My friend, Heather, of Profoundia, had referred me.  She and I met at one of Dawn’s Simple Fool classes a year ago.  It seemed natural that I should call her and make sure she came along.  She decided on her clown name when we reached the parking lot: “Honey”.


Honey and I surround Stephanie from Big Brothers, Big Sisters.


Our initial contact was with Jennifer, also of Big Brothers, Big Sisters (Foster Care enrollment/ Match Support).


Then I got in contact with the coordinator, Puck, of Thurston County Health and Public Services, who thought she might be able to provide me with great quantities of pies and towels.  Although that was later vetoed, she did then promise to give me her spats and hooked me up with some pizza… from Brewery City, no less.


Here’s Adam Lee, the illustrious balloon twister.  He used to clown but tired of the make-up and had an uncanny knack for the balloons.  (Not pictured, his mom who accompanies him.)


Honey was excited about the cotton candy Jackie’s making.  Jackie gave us the word from the North Thurston school district: No Pies!

So I only brought one pie and made discrete inquiries.  Then left them wanting more.

1 thought on “Mentor Carnival

  1. hey, that “leaving them wanting more” thing actually worked!

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