Jusby and Santa Roll Like That


I picked up my copy of the Our Money Matters Buy Local Savings Book at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.  I’m at #9, on the first page of perforated coupons right below Harlequin Productions and right before KAOS.

I got a lot of comments on my discount of 3.14159265% OFF Any Premium or Deluxe visit.  Marie Poland, the director of the Buy Local Campaign, had to do a double take.  She thought it might have been a typo or computer error until she cracked the code: it’s Pi, of course. I don’t even want to do the math on that discount!


Inside the lobby of the Washington Center


By Sylvester Park for the Wagon Ride

I tried out a new look with the green wig and curlicue hat, built a Rudolph puppet from a hobby horse whose stick had broken, and put fresh batteries in him so he’d make galloping and whinnying noises.  I also decided to bring the clipboard like it had THE LIST (the naughty and nice one).  It also held extra cards and coupons.


Then I had my pic taken with Santa just before the parade started.


And hitched a ride with him!  In the Electric Trolley.

As we approached the TCTV cameras the announcer saw us coming and said, “It’s Santa!  and… is that Mrs. Claus?!”

So I jumped out and handed him my card, which he read off!

“Jusby the Clown and Comedy Consultant 888-2729!  Getting his plug in!”

I was SO STOKED to be a clown in Olympia!!

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