Sitting Down on the Job

A package arrived the other day with a multi-DVD set from Jusby’s appearance at the Evergreen Spina Bifida Association Awareness Summit Conference on August 17, 2007

Thanks to John Tutt for the photo and video.

Thanks to Patti (with an I, no Y, just because) Logan for inviting the alley and attending the Comedy Playshare (workshop).

Patti (double T-I, no Y, just because) Logan had originally invited the whole alley to perform for kids with Spina Bifida and their siblings. She asked Marci Sunshine to ask them. Marci had planned on attending the conference, but found a better offer (the Lacey Farmers’ Market) at the last minute, so Jusby went alone.

When Patti and Jusby first spoke, Jusby brought up the idea of a Humor Workshop for the adults. Jusby said, “Some of us do workshops, you know, on therapeutic humor, laughter yoga, that sort of thing.”

When Patti and Jusby next spoke, she brought it up. “Oh, and if one of you would like to do a workshop…”

“Oh, I would,” Jusby said. And it was settled. Then they arranged a suite for preparation and clean-up.

Then Trish arranged to attend her cousin’s wedding in Tulsa. Jusby was reluctant to cancel this prestigious opportunity to follow his dream of conducting a Comedy Playshare (workshop). She took Orion for a week and Jusby reserved the Laughter Yoga Documentary “The Laughing Club of India” DVD from the libray.

He arrived at the Federal Way Comfort Inn without a minute to spare and got the suite key from the front desk. As he was getting ready, he heard a knock at the door. It was Patti (double T-I, no Y, just because) Logan, thanking him for his time and confirming the location of the children (two adjoining hotel rooms).
Jusby gave a terrific performance that concluded with red noses and painted faces.

Then he got the news. The workshop (Playshare) was scheduled to happen in the lobby.



figure a.

Schedule for 4:00

  • Civil Rights for Individuals with Spina Bifida – Lonnie Davis, Attorney At Law & Director Disabilities Law Project [Held in a big conference room]
  • Service Dogs & ADA Laws – Dr. Don Martin, Ph.D. Sue Martin, Paws Abilities Dog Training Center Service Dog Support Group Participant [Held in a big conference room]
  • Humor -Justin Wright, Clown [um… how about the lobby?]

6:00 Dinner (Complementary)

There were a few swanky lobby chairs. [figure a.] One chair was for a public-access computer.

Catering staff were setting up chafing trays in the main island table.

Kids were playing.

Plus, it was the lobby! Guests were checking in and out! He pulled the TV cart over to the outlet beside the computer.

Then he got the news. The manager was worried about the sound.

Would they be making much noise?

“Well,” Jusby told Patti, “We were going to do Laughter Yoga at the top of our lungs. We could go outside… but it’s raining.”

A woman, a spina bifida wife, volunteered her suite. “It has a couch,” she said. John came with the video camera. Patti came.

Jusby sat on the bed and gave his Playshare (workshop) for three people. [figure b.] Then played the documentary until dinner.




figure b.
Justin explains ‘Getting a Grip on Tragedy with The Wright Angle’.

While all this was going on, Trish and Orion were celebrating a wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a fire hat cake. [figure c.]



figure c.
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