Justin B. Wright studied dance, multi-media, and the shamanic origins of clowning at the Evergreen State College. In 1996, during “Circus Olympus” he discovered that had already been a clown his whole life.

Jusby's First Clown Character
Djinjinn with Bradley McDevitt at Circus Olympus, Saturday 5.11.96
Jusby's Second Clown Character, Ridiculo
Ridiculo at Circus Olympus, Sunday 5.12.96

Photos by Alex Crick of Crickontour.

After he joined the Red Nose Brigade in 2004 he developed his character “Jusby” and began performing consistently at schools, parties and parades.  In 2008 he graduated from Enterprise for Equity’s Small Business Training Program.  In 2009 he graduated from the Simple Fool’s Silly School of Top Secret Esoteric Clowning.

Jusby the Clown graduates from ANOTHER Clown School
Graduation 7.16.09

Justin continues his studies by attending conventions, workshops and playshares.  At the 2009 Northwest Festival of Clowns, Jusby earned Bronze, Silver, and People’s Choice Awards in competition.

Award-winning Clown, Jusby!
Center stage at NW Festival of Clowns 2009

Justin has passed a Washington State Background check. He uses gentle hands, an inside voice, and walking feet.

Jusby’s Promise

Because I value you as a client

I promise to enhance your healthy laughter with my time, talent and energy and to honor my commitments to you.

Because I seek to be a friendly and inclusive clown

I promise to provide a safe and nurturing experience for young and old.

I promise to engage my clients and audiences in a direct experience of the cosmic giggle.

I promise to share with my clients and audiences a celebration of the circle of life and the rhythms of nature.


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