Halloween House 2009 Preview


(c) Mike Fritsch

I pulled up the Halloween House on North street the other day, and Mike said, “We were just talking about you.”

What a reception!  Okay, here I am!

“If you still want to do the tour guide bit…?”

Oh, yeah!  So he sent me home with a head that I doctored up with some Jusby make-up.


Then Orion and I brought it over to The Clown Room.  Tonight is Opening Night 6-10 PM.


I got a-head of myself!

btw, it’s REALLY DARK and SCARY… Don’t bring the little ones.

But if you insist, Jusby will guide them through with shouts of “LITTLE KIDS! LITTLE KIDS!”


Later that night… Jusby escorted the first visitors through, but not before a long discussion about the True Meaning of Halloween, and what to do when a little boy says, “Please, No, Daddy!  I don’t want to go!  I’m TOO SCARED!”

1 thought on “Halloween House 2009 Preview

  1. too scary for some of us big kids too. :x

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