Eastside Big Tom’s

I got hooked up with a couple of free shake coupons on myspace.  The catch was that I was supposed to try the new shake of the month flavor, Orange Creamsicle.  I quickly replied: Ewww!  Some people don’t eat meat, some don’t like clowns, and some don’t like mixing citrus with dairy.  I guess I’ll have to buy a second shake to wash the taste of the first out of my mouth.  Well, Mike is such a great businessman, that he threw in that second shake for free too!

I’d been curious how the new paint job, patio and ATM machine were working out and wanting to stop by for weeks.  We happened to show up when Mike was actually there working.  They’d just redone the sign and had enough paint to redo all the trim to match.  Don’t you hate it when two different reds clash?


Orion enjoying the Shake of the Month, Orange Creamsicle in the new patio area of Eastside Big Tom’s.


Mike F telling me all about the new patio area, the ingredients for the shake (Marshmallow Cream and Orange Soda Syrup), the new ATM machine and his Long Term Plans for pizza.  Oh, I’m not drinking a Creamsicle~ EWWW!  I’m having a smooth peanut butter shake!  MMMM!


Orion’s improvement to the magnet board.  He just asked how to spell Moose for some reason.


As we were leaving, Mike says, “Bye, Orion.  It was good to see you again.”  Orion asked me in the car, “How did that guy you were talking to know me?”

“Well, he might remember you from the Halloween House, or maybe from reading all the stories and pictures I put on the internet about you.  My blog, you know.”

“That guy has like four jobs!  He has to do the Halloween House, Big Tom’s, AND Pizza!”

“Yeah, and he has another job about cheap toys that he keeps in a warehouse too, but we’ve never seen it!  Maybe someday.  And maybe sometime he’ll get a pie from Jusby!”


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