Procession of the Species Clowns


Photo by Trish at Sylvester Park


Jusby and Honey

Also by Trish, taken by Bigelow Park after the Procession

(Clowns Not Pictured: Rudra & Son, Miss Kate & Friend, or the Payaso in the Sombrero we met)

So many ppl tagged me on facebook that I think I’ve got to add them here and have a contest.


Diana Ruth had to get the instant gratification shot on her blackberry or blueberry or whatever that thing was.


By Sara Rich, tickling my old neighbor’s kid.


By Janeane Anderson, sitting near Trish.


Another from Janeane.


By Ruby ReUseable

Plus these I found browsing flickr.  Thanks, Berd for linking!


By Pekesmom.  I like the plain wall behind the spectators, but it’s off-putting that they’re already looking at the next thing down the street!


This guy promises me a higher res pic in a few weeks.  Loving it!

Just got a ‘facebook wall-post’ from Jayne Kaszynski

I’m in my SPSCC photography class, and the woman next to me was just showing me her pics from the Procession, and she showed me a pic of a clown and said, “I have a lot of pictures of this guy. He was really amusing!” And I said, “I know him! That’s Jusby the Clown!”
So, I’m very eager to see those pics too.

Toward the end of the parade Eli Sterling came up and thanked me for being there.  He said, “We need more people like you!” I was so flattered.  I think what he means is that while there are so many great costume-makers and dancers and musicians, what I add to procession has always been direct contact with the crowd and


This year it was all “Ha Ha Ha HA!” and (quietly) “tickle-tickle-tickle”.

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