Match Party Extraordinaire and the 101st pied face

I got invited to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Match Party Extraordinaire and promoted in the newsletter as “Jusby and Friends”.  Bubble~Trouble accompanied me with her “Little Sister”, and Orion came along to take pictures.  When we spotted the bouncy house I had to reassign Bubble to photo duty while Orion waited for and took his turns in the bouncy house.

I’d picked up the 50 Gallon Stanley rolling tool chest that I’d been coveting.  It held everything I needed and then some, but it was simply too big for the Honda Accord, so I returned it.  I liked having a table space for building pies and so on, but honestly…

Once I started offering free pie-in-the-face… I didn’t need any other clown supplies: face-painting, balloons, juggling, puppets, NOTHING!


My new giant pencil got used and appreciated.  It especially worked well with the hatchet sharpener gag.


Successfully tore kids away from the bouncy house!


boypied2 boypied3 boypied4 boypied5 boypied6 boypied7

piedboy piedgirl2 girlpied4 girlpied3 jadepied

Which brings my total to 101 pied faces!


1 thought on “Match Party Extraordinaire and the 101st pied face

  1. apparently i need to grumble at bbbs for not inviting me to this event.

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