Volcano Blows Old Friend In

Friday, March 27, 2009 7:34 07:34:04 PM AKDT
An explosive eruption of Redoubt volcano occurred at approximately 19:25 AKDT (03:25 UTC). National Weather Service reports the cloud height to be approximately 51,000 ft above sea level based on radar. For ash fall advisories, refer to the National Weather Service Redoubt Coordination web page http://pafc.arh.noaa.gov/volcano.php AVO is monitoring the situation closely, the observatory is staffed 24/7.


fcbk “Justin, Call Kate’s cell!  she’s stuck in seattle!”

I call the number I usually use and the machine picks up.  It happens to be her land line number.

Then I get a call on my cell.  Her husband has tracked down my number from my fcbk profile.  She begs for salvation.  She’s in an hour long line with a three year old.  Three weeks into a one-week mission.

I go pick them up for a 3 day layover while we watch the skies using a graph similar to the recent one.


I take Kate and Ella to Rusty Cock Ridge.



I ride the pogo stick.


Kate rides the pogo.


Orion rides a Rusty Cock.


Ella rides a Rusty Cock


Kate rides a Rusty Cock.


And she crosses the Skywalker Bridge.


Kate gets the first mini-pie on April Fool’s eve day.



Ella tries the pie on mommy’s face.

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