Cy’s 3rd b-day

A couple of years ago I crashed Cy’s 1st birthday party on my way home from another event.  For his 3rd birthday his mom requested my services.


Tait was just hanging out in the park with his sister.  I asked if he wanted a pie-in-the-face, and he asked his dad if it was okay.


Cy really wanted to help pie his dad.




I tried to get 3 y/o Kaia to sign the waiver with the wiggly snake pen, but eventually her dad had to do it.


She was such a good sport.  I gave her the same pie three or four times.  Cy is her best friend.

Then Trish had to take Orion to another party.  She insisted on taking the camera, so I’m still waiting for more pics from Shannon.

One of the dads came back from the swing asking, “Are you on olyblog?  Someone over there asked if it was Jusby.”

I went over with clipboard and asked, “Pie in the face?”

“Ehvergreen” introduced himself but declined a pie.  Then he introduced his two kids.  The girl declined.  The boy said, “Okay, give it to me!”

[edit.  Pics from Shannon!]


Ehver Green’s son, Sam, was also minding his own business on the swings when he got offered a free pie-in-the-face!


Sam pied.


I got a card with my fee.  It read, “Jusby!  thank you for the laughter… my cheeks actually ached after the parachute :) Shannon + Chad”

Flipping a Fan!


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