Soul Alchemy pt. 1


The beautiful big room at Waldorf.  It might have stayed empty on a Friday night, but for a few intrepid and industrious souls who insisted that this workshop happen.  Firstly, Eve (pronounced ‘ev’ cuz she’s French-Canadian), decided that she would fly up from San Francisco just to take the class!

I told Dawn that I would publicize the heck out of it, but it didn’t actually spur anyone to contact her directly.  On Wednesday, Dawn called after sending out an e-mail that it would be her last workshop in Olympia.

She’s planning on splitting her time between British Columbia and Switzerland.  She’s also planning on taking an old bus to Burning Man and possibly the Yukon!

She asked me to look into some of the legal issues around insuring a former King County City Bus.  I went willingly down the rabbit hole and found that it is definitely better to convert it into a House-Bus than leave the 22 seats in.

On Friday afternoon (around 5:15) I got a call from Bubble~Trouble.  She was wondering what to eat and wear before the class.  She was starting to peel potatoes for soup.  I told her, “No way!  You don’t have time for that.  It starts at 6!”

I arrived and found Jona waiting outside the locked building.  She’d accepted a personal invitation from Dawn just 45 minutes prior.  Then Dawn pulled up with Eve AND Heather.  It was like a clown car, spilling forth with clowns, costumes, and props.

My mood lifted enormously.  I was ecstatic to be part of this epic final workshop.

Then Heidi arrived and we all started playing.  After about an hour we were exhausted and meditating when Dawn went over to open a windown and saw someone else arriving.

It wasn’t Bubble~Trouble at all, but Pauline.

Eventually, we all got to do the sheet exercise.

It was full of epiphanies and catharses, empty nests and crones, inflated supermen and bits of fluff.  But no potato soup.

Maybe it’s in the crock pot, and she’ll bring it tomorrow.


Heather, Eve, Pauline, Dawn and Jona (not pictured: Heidi)


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