Soul Alchemy Pt. 2

After 8 1/2 hours of clowning…


Jusby can’t figure out how to change the setting on the self-timer!


Dawn has to take the pic: Jhanna, Heather, Jusby, Pauline, Heidi, and Eve.


Then Jusby gets a shot of Jhanna, Heather, Dawn, Pauline, Heidi, and Eve.

I kept coming back for more classes because I expect to learn something new.  Each time I do.  Although the format stays the same [interactive warm-ups and improv solos (and sometimes duos)], the esoteric connections and intimacy building is different and rewarding on levels usually unknown in conventional clowning workshops.

I imagined that I was on the path Dawn originally outlined on her website

  1. Discovering the Clown Within
  2. The Simple Fool as Performer
  3. The Simple Fool as Artivist

But, each time I returned we used the many of the same exercises because there were always people coming for their first time.  At the end of this workshop, as I was about to drive away, Dawn asked if I really wanted to ‘graduate’.  When I said“Yeah, sure!” she said that we’d have to plan a graduation ceremony.  The alley used to have those, but new members have been so few that it hasn’t seemed worth it to them.  I’ll have to invite them!

I’m curious what kind of commencement speech/ act I’ll have to prepare, and what kind of diploma I’ll recieve.

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