The medium of television, ack!

Committed to bringing Jusby to the public via video, I took the opportunity on Monday to go to TCTV with some digital tapes and the remaining blank Lightscribe DVDs.

However, the dubbing station kept spitting them back out. They are DVD+R. It requires only DVD-R or DVD-RW, so I called it a day.

TUESDAY, I brought Orion to Big Lots and purchased a brand new spindle of DVD+Rs only to realize when the machine spit it out that I had goofed again.

We returned and exchanged them. I started transferring the Tumwater 4th of July parade tape from 2006 when the Red Nose Brigade were the Grand Marshals.

All for fun, fun for all!

Orion also made an appearance on his tricycle with flags stuck into the helmet. At the end of the tape I finalized the DVD and looked for a different machine to check it on.

It was blank. I had used the wrong deck!

Their transfer station has two identical DV/ SVHS decks on a cart below the DVD-R. They have a lousy instruction sheet.

We tried the other deck. It made the picture all glitchy. Dan set about cleaning the heads multiple times. It stilled looked below par.

Eventually Orion melted down, and I had to get him home for a nap despite his bleary-eyed protests that, “I’m not tired! I just want to play with my Star Wars Lego, and THEN take a nap!”

He slept for about 3 hours.

His mini-figs were waiting for him.

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