First and Second Pie

Here’s the gag.

Wendy Tanner wanted to implicate her boss, Charles Shelan, in a prank. He has a reputation for pulling them on his staff. In previous years he has suggested a skate park on the roof of their building. This year he was advocating abstinence education.

She intended that I arrive and give her a pie in the face and credit him as the Grand Pie-bah, masterminding the delivery.

I set about planning my routine. I obtained a recording of Mr. Shelan saying his name from his voice mail. I called on my cell phone after hours and put it on speaker phone. Then I recorded it into the device secreted within my clipboard.

I would say, “Someone in your organization has contracted my services. That person shall remain nameless.” [I press button: “Charles Shelan” Huge Laughter] Then I continue, “He/ or She wanted you to know that this was not paid for out of the operating budget but the staff development, so I have these evaluations for you to fill out… etc., etc.”

This morning Wendy called me as I was getting into makeup and asked if I could deliver a SECOND PIE to a confederate of hers, Scott. I quickly thawed another tub of whipped topping and printed more evals with his job title.


I showed up for the staff meeting at Community Youth Services, and quickly became the object of great suspicion as I introduced myself to about two dozen people and compared their name to my clipboard.

The meeting did not start on time because Scott never showed up. After stalling as long as I could I took a cue from Wendy and delivered the second pie to Charles himself, in spite of the fact that everyone was blaming him for the one Wendy took.





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